Friday, February 8

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Don't you love Texas?  A beach weekend in February.  It was warm enough Monday to wear shorts and we loved the heated hotel pool.

My little guys are on their way to being photographers like Mommy.  Unfortunately Imp's camera bit the dust shortly after this photo so I will need to find a bargain basement snappy for him.  I especially love his movies, they are absolutely crazy and will be shown to his future wife as a warning.  ;-)  Duke shoots with my old Canon digital Rebel and I haven't downloaded his images yet.  I am curious to see how they turned out.

Shortly after we got back in town we all came down with what appeared to be a nasty norovirus.  But we are all well now and ready to hit the books and the bikes.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love everything about this photo...the muted colors of the sky and water and your boys taking a's great!

  2. I love this shot! It captures the moment nicely, and the colors are beautiful.


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