Friday, November 2

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Every Friday I like to post one image I took that week that really makes me happy. If you decide to do the same please link your photo in the comments!

Love the dog's face in this photo.  It completely cracks me up.  Blackberry:  "Nobody knows, the trouble I've seen; costumes scare me, I hate Halloween."

And what are the boys wearing, you might ask.  They are not fans of movie characters or super heroes, so that limits the costume selection.  So they have scary shirts and giant bendable spiders attached to them.  Imp wanted me to wire his little stuffed bat on his shoulder.  Poor kids, they have such a lazy cheap mom...

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  1. I know I've said this before, but wanted to tell you again how much your generosity is appreciated. Not everyone has the money to "pay" for presets and to find someone willing to gift them is amazing. You are so kind for doing this for others. Thank you!

  2. My boys "carving" their pumpkins with hammers and golf tees. :)

  3. Lifesighs, thank you so much!!! Comments like this make my blogging all worth it.

    And Shine, that is a gorgeous photo! Your boys are so cute!!!

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