Tuesday, July 31

CoffeeShop Action Flashback: Velvet Ash

I enjoy revisiting some of my older beloved actions for those readers who are new or for readers who might have forgotten about them.  Today I wanted to flashback to CoffeeShop Velvet Ash.

Diane posted this gorgeous portrait seen above on my Facebook page the other day.  She mentioned that she used one of my favorite black and white actions, Velvet Ash.  She generously agreed to let me post her before/after image (mouse over to see the before) on my Action Flashback post.   Here is her Facebook page if you would like to check out more of her work.

Diane also mentioned how she did the edit:  "I cropped the photo, adjusted the levels, then ran Everyday Elements Insta Clean action before running the Velvet Ash B&W".  If you haven't checked out Amanda's site EveryDay Elements please do.  She teaches editing and photography classes, posts tutorials and free actions, and sells action packs. She also has four kids and really inspires me (and makes me feel like a lazy slug!).

Diane, thank  you so much for sharing your beautiful work!

I love when my readers share their before/after images using my actions on my Facebook page.  

I used the Once Upon a Time and Velvet Ash on this photo. Mouse over to see the before.

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  1. Hello Rita,
    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog and free actions!!
    I stumbled across your blog via another blog (bowerpowerblog.com), and I have already learned a lot from your site. Your FAQ on Photoshop actions is excellent. Prior to reading it, I had heard of actions but had no idea what they were. Your explanations are very clear.
    I am just beginning to understand my DSLR (a Rebel XTi I purchased in 2008 but never took the time to learn properly), and my knowledge of Photoshop Elements is *extremely* basic, but I look forward to learning more from you! Thanks again!


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