Sunday, November 13

October Beach Fun

I was  flipping through my unedited images in Lightroom 3 and I found this great action shot of the boys down in Galveston. A few weeks ago we decided to run down there for a few days before it started getting cool, and we had a wonderful time. It was warm and sunny and perfect. I decided to post this photo just because it makes me happy (I am smiling right now as I type).

I used my new action Golden Afternoon and a texture from the Chasing Dreams Mishmosh set (Elegance). I love how the texture really enhanced the otherwise boring blue sky. Golden Afternoon is similar to my favorite action, Butterscotch Vintage, but has a slightly different tint and a bit more contrast. I think you will really enjoy using it and I think it is stunning on beach scenes such as the one below.

I just calibrated my iMac with my Spyder 3 Pro and I am really happy how it turned out. I had used it on my PC/Dell combo, but I was scared to try it on my new computer. But it worked! I also pulled out my husband's old PC laptop and calibrated it and the screen doesn't blind me anymore. It is such an easy calibrator and I am so happy I can use it on my Mac.

So now my screen is calibrated and it is time to get some photos printed at ColorInc! I have so many great shots of the boys and it is crazy they are  just sitting there in LightRoom...

Hope you are enjoying the last of the weekend!

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  1. I really love this shot of your boys, it made me smile, too! So fun!

  2. That perspective is PERFECT! A quick glance had me saying "Galveston"... a closer look said, "Nah, can't be." because the picture is just too great! I love the texture.

  3. I love the actions you have run on this picture, though I love all your actions. Great action shot of the boys.

  4. Love it! And I love the colors too. Definitely perfect for beachy scenes.

    Question - you obviously believe in calibrating the laptop monitors as well? I've read so many conflicting reports on whether it truly works or not that I've held off. I'm only printing things for me and so far have only had a handful that I needed to readjust for being too dark or color skewed. But I just picked up a new laptop and I admit, it on screen. I print through Snapfish or Target and haven't printed anything yet. So help me here - worth it to invest in the Spyder just for a laptop?

  5. Our HP laptop has the WORST monitor ever, it literally gives me a headache. If you make it bright enough there isn't any contrast. But the Spyder did make it much better and I wasn't able to adjust it without it. But I don't edit on the laptop, so I don't really worry about how everything looks. I just did it for my eyes.

  6. Do you have Golden Afternoon available for download? Beautiful shot! I love candids!!!

  7. Erna, I am going to release it in a few days. I am trying to get everything together!

    And I love candid shots the best! I love taking more formal portraits also, but I always enjoy looking at the candids the most. Rita


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