Tuesday, November 15

Fun with Texture Recipes Featuring FlyPaper Textures!

I love using textures because you can turn an otherwise boring snapshot into a piece of art.  If you haven't checked out  FlyPaper textures yet (coupon code included at the end of this post), you are really missing out.

I have been a fan of Paul Grand of Flypaper since I first saw his work on Flickr.  I have even used his free textures in some of my tutorials.  Then Paul joined up with Jill and they started FlyPaper Textures, where they sell gorgeous textures and share the recipes they use to edit their images.

I read their blog as often as possible just for the inspiration.  Today I was visiting their blog and wanted to see what would happen if I took a boring ocean photo and followed this texture recipe exactly.  Yes, I am a nerd... Luckily I am a proud owner of the Spring Painterly textures (they sent them to me a while back because they know I am a texture addict).

I  included a screenshot of my layers below, and I didn't cheat at all.  I even used the same layer opacities and masking and the entire edit took less than 10 minutes.  I love how Paul and Jill combine different combinations of textures and use masking and hue saturation layers.  Every layer is important.  And I am really pleased with my final edit.  I think I have an excuse to go back to the beach next month and take some new photos.

I wrote Jill and Paul to give them a  heads up that I was posting a before/after of my image using their textures (hopefully my after won't hurt their eyes too much) and Jill generously sent a coupon code just for my readers!  Enter the code Coffee on purchase and you will receive a 15% discount off any of their texture packs.  This is good until Dec. 15th. Thank you so much Jill and Paul!

Obviously you aren't going to use an exact recipe when you edit your own image, but it can make a wonderful starting off point.

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  1. That is beautiful!! LOVE the way it looks as a painting!

  2. Gorgeous! Just purchased my set of textures. Thanks for getting us the discount!!

  3. What a great result, it's so very painterly.
    Thanks for the kind words Rita :-)

  4. Thanks everyone! And Jill, your textures are gorgeous, I am proud to blog about them.


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