Tuesday, August 9

Priceless Moments

This last Sunday my husband and I realized that we hadn't brought the boys to a movie in over a year.  We are really picky about what we allow our children to watch, and honestly there weren't any children movies since "Up" that interested me.  We have NetFlix and when we watch TV with the boys we stick to nature shows, Shaun the Sheep, and Mighty Machines.

However, we are huge fans of Winnie the Pooh (we read the original books all of the time), so we decided the Winnie the Pooh movie sounded perfect.  Sure, I am a bit annoyed with Disney's insane marketing of movie-related junk, but I wanted a movie with no fart or poop jokes, no dire warnings about "global warming" or the "big bad oil companies",  no Playboy bunny jokes (seriously, why is Hugh Hefner in any children's movie???),  no obnoxious ill-mannered characters, nothing too scary, and not two hours of "I rather I were dead or doing laundry because this movie is so boring and that kid behind me is kicking my seat".

Winnie the Pooh fit the bill and was cute, funny and sweet.  The boys loved it, my husband and I enjoyed it,  and I could sit through it since it was only 60 minutes.  All in all it was a perfect day out.

4 Movie Tickets to Winnie the Pooh:  $29
Large Popcorn:                                   $ 7
Photo Booth Fun:                               $ 5

Family Day Out at the Movies:           Priceless!

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  1. Love the photo booth pics, those are also priceless. Glad to know you are very careful what goes into your children's minds; sounds like you are great parents.
    Thanks for all the freebies!
    Peace, Judi

  2. Love these Rita, what a wonderful memory for your family!
    I agree, we're really careful with what our son watches.
    By the way, I haven't been by lately but I love your blog and all your beautiful creations. Thank you so much!

  3. Sounds like a great day.. must comment though that I took out 4 kids 2 weeks ago to a movie .. 3D transformers.. and spent $125.. only one popcorn was bought between the 4 of them! Living in Sydney, Australia where the costs are ridiculous!!

  4. Love the photo booth pics,too !!

  5. We loved Winnie the Poo, my husband, daughter and I went to it together. We had a wonderful time.....by the way did I mention that my daughter is 20 years old :)


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