Tuesday, May 3

CoffeeShop Frames 8!

I love making layered adjustable .psd frames with clipping masks for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  I have already posted quite a few CoffeeShop Frame Sets, but I can't stop making them!!!  These frames are perfect for your blogs, cards, website/blog headers, scrapbooking projects, etc. and I hope you enjoy playing with them.  I used the { symbol on the keyboard to make these frames.

This download includes two textured frames (I used textures from Chasing Dreams and FlyPaper.  Both of these sites have gorgeous textures, please check them out!).  These frames are high resolution and completely adjustable.

Simply add your own image using the clipping mask (download my free Group-It action if you want to save time or are new to clipping masks).  Adjust the color (Frame Color) and contrast (Levels 1) of the textured frame or group your own texture to the frame.  You can also turn off the levels layer and put the Frame Color adjustment layer in normal blending mode (it is set on color blending mode) and use the eye dropper to select a color from your image.  This will make the frame a solid color, without any texture as seen below.  You can also adjust the drop shadow or even turn it off.

Merge Visible and drag to your design or save as a .png to keep the background transparent.  If you save as a jpg the background will be white.

Download the CoffeeShop Frames 8 set at MediaFireNote:  These are image files, not actions. So open the frames like any other image.  

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.


  1. Oh Wow, thanks ever so much. I was looking for something like this to make labels for my soap to give as gives. Now they'll look awesome!

  2. Hello and Thank you for these frames...

  3. I can't believe I just found your blog! Wish I had sooner.. reading through all your tutorials and post have been great, thanks so much for your wisdom & knowledge! I have downloaded some goodies, and will definitely be checking back soon!!!

  4. I always love the curvy borders and frames that I see on other designs and templates and it never occurred to me that the symbol { is all I need to do it! Thank you so much for the idea. Your works are amazing! =)


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