Wednesday, April 20

CoffeeShop Action Flashback: Attic Vintage

Over the years I have been blogging here on CoffeeShop, I have created a large number of actions and tutorials.  My new readers might not have had time to go back deep in the vault and dust off some of my older actions, so I have decided to post a new before/after sample done with old actions/tutorials.

Today I wanted to highlight the CoffeeShop Attic Vintage tutorial and action.  I posted
this almost three years ago, but it is one of my favorite vintage actions.  Simply run the action and then it will prompt you to open your favorite vintage/aged texture (I used Heavy Paper from ShadowHouse Creations on this image, please consider leaving a donation on Jerry's site if you download some of his textures, he is so incredibly generous) and place it on your image.  After the action is finished you can adjust each layer to taste.

I love my CoffeeShop Facebook page because people come over and post their own personal images where they have used my actions or tutorials.  Crystal Moore posted these beautiful image below and I had to show them off here on my blog.  These actually were the image that inspired me to go back and "rediscover" Attic Vintage.  Chrystal's original images were perfect, but I think the Attic Vintage effect made them art!

Flashback a few years and visit the CoffeeShop Attic Vintage post.

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  1. That is beautiful!

  2. What a GREAT idea to bring out some of the early actions! I bet many do not know about them!

  3. I did not know about some of the earlier ones. I appreciate this. This action is gorgeous.

  4. vintage attic is my all time fave of your actions. see these posts here with your actions.

    thanks so much for your generosity.



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