Tuesday, February 1

Log Movers and Baby Chicks

We love our dry-erase board. We use it for school, and the boys use it for drawing their art. This keeps me from hoarding millions of their pictures on paper (I already have too many as it is) since we admire and then erase. But sometimes I pull out my camera because I have to save a copy. This is one of those times.

Imp usually draws quite abstractly, so you can imagine my shock when I found this little jewel. He was quite proud of his work. "This is a log mover Mommy", he said. And I could actually see it!

I wanted to make a note of all of the parts
(as defined by Imp). Pretty impressive.

This image was inspired from watching Mighty Machines: Winter Blast!, In the Forest. I love Mighty Machine movies. They have hokey voice overs, but they are so interesting to watch.  I find myself sucked in along with the boys.  They are really cheap and we have many of them:  Mighty Machines: Chomp! Crunch! Tear!, Mighty Machines: Machines on the Job, Mighty Machines: Tremendous Tools, and Diggers and Dozers.  Machines on the Job show how they harvest grapes, make steel, and print newspapers.  These aren't just for boys, my niece who is 7 loves them. 

I don't let the kids watch much TV because I would rather they be creative and play, but when I need a break these videos are wonderful (if I can keep from watching them myself). 

It is cold and windy out there today.  My sis Heather lives in North Texas and I think they are getting snow again.  What is going on in Texas???  I ordered baby chicks by mail and they are supposed to get here tomorrow morning, but now I hope the mail won't be snowed in.  They are coming from somewhere in Texas, I guess I should look it up and make sure it is not from the north.  Why in the world did my chicks have to come during the coldest time of this entire year?  I will keep you updated on whether they get here, and if they arrive peeping or in one giant baby chick ice block.


  1. What a great idea to take a picture of their artwork. By the way Rita, he has got to be the next picasso. Hope your chicks arrive and are not from the north. We are at -40 right now. Too cold for comfort.

  2. SouthEast Texas has snow also! Which is CRAZY because yesterday it was 70 degrees! This morning at 6am it was 64 degrees and in one hour it dropped down to 36! AHH! Hope your baby chicks come without frostbite! :)

  3. I love the picture! (And also the idea of a dry erase board!) They can really surprise us sometimes, can't they? I hope your baby chicks arrive safely!!

  4. We LOVE Mighty Machines too - I can't help but watch myself, sometimes it is just me watching and the boys are off doing something else!! My brother is really mad that he didn't think up the idea himself!!
    Hope your chicks are peeping!!

  5. I just love it when kids get creative. We have used dry erase boards at our house quite often. Kids just love them so much. Thanks for sharing such precious artwork.

  6. Hello Rita,

    I can not express how grateful I am for "stumbling" across your blog site! I could not have landed on a better site! Your tutorials are great. I have learned so much from you - you explain everything so simply! I want to learn the ins/outs of my program and actions and your tutorials have been most helpful!
    I did download your perfect portrait action however. You condensed it down so nicely - I thougt "naa I do not need to know all the ins/outs of this one" LOL It takes the guesswork out - thank you! Your work is much much much appreciated!

    Lisa (runninmomof2)


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