Thursday, February 17, 2011

CoffeeShop AutoH ColorBlock Web Action and Florabella Winner Announced!

Here is my newest web-ready action (you can find all of my other ones toward the bottom of this page) and I really love it.  This action is for horizontal images (I will be posting the vertical version next) and adds a custom color-block to the bottom, custom watermark and caption text, rounds the corners, resizes and sharpens for the web.  It is fast and fun!

CoffeeShop AutoH ColorBlock Web Action Instructions

1. Open your image and using your eyedropper tool, click on the image to select a color for the color block.  If you don't select a a color it will be white. (Note:  I used my Velvet Truffle action with some additional layers on this image and turned off the navy blue exclusion layer.  I will be releasing a new version of this action with a define/contrast layer).

2.  Start the action.  The action will flatten your image and then place free-transform bars on the upper left.  If you can't see them, hold down Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom out (and to zoom back in do the same).  Drag the corner of the free transform box until your image is cropped to your satifaction, then click on the checkmark.

3.  The action will sharpen your image for the web, adjust the radius if you need more sharpening.

4.  You will be prompted to add the watermark text in the image (it will come up as "your name").  You can change the font/color/size/etc.  Once you add the text then press the checkmark to accept.  You can change this later.

5.  You will be prompted to add the second part of the watermark text in the image (it will come up as "photography"). You can change the font/color/size/etc. Once you add the text then press the checkmark to accept. You can change this later.

6.  You will be prompted to add the caption (labeled "caption").  Again, adjust the font to taste and then click the checkmark to accept.

7.  The image size prompt will come up, so just put in your final desired width in pixels on the top.  Your height should adjust automatically.  Your image will now be web ready.  You can change any of the text layers by clicking on them.  You can also turn these layers off if you would prefer no text.

8.  Flatten and save as a jpg if you want to post on a white background, merge visible and save as a .png if you are posting this on a background that is not white.

Download the CoffeeShop AutoH ColorBlock Web Action HERE!

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  1. Hi Rita, I'm so excited to win the Florabella giveaway, I am jumping up and down excited. :) Anyway, I replied to your message on facebook, and hopefully you can also contact me here now. Thanks so much!! :)

  2. Great new action! I look forward to the vertical one, too! Thanks!

  3. Rita, darn you for keeping me on the computer all day...haha...just kidding...darn you for ME WANTING to be on the computer all day! Off to play...and download. :)


    p.s. CAN'T WAIT for the new portrait action! Shoot who am I kidding...can't wait for ALL your new actions!

  4. Thanks Rita!!! I downloaded your new action and it was really easy! I just uploaded it to my FB page. Can't wait to see how it looks. Thanks so much!

  5. Hey Rita, what if we want to upload to FB? Photos now have a black background on FB. When I saved as a jpg,the white background behind the curved corners showed.....

  6. For FB you can make the background black. Just add a layer on the bottom and fill it with black.

  7. Thanks so much Rita... I'm very excited to try this!

  8. hi wonderful and thanks! how do you find the 70-200mm without the IS? its certainly good value (already have your other lenses plus my fav 85mm 1.8). Was wanting the 2.8 and IS but this seems well priced

  9. Thank you so much for this fantastic Action!....Will there still be a Vertical Version?

  10. Hi Rita! Thank you so much for all your high-quality actions you create! I love the Perfect Portrait 2 and also the Velvet Cream! I run the PP on everything!
    Is there a way you could give an option to download this action on mediafire? When I click on 4shared, it just says "The file line that you requested is not valid." It said that when I tried to download the AutoV colorblock with 4share too...but mediafire worked for that. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.. Thanks! Excited to try them!

  11. Rita, nevermind! It ended up working after a few tries! :) Thanks again!

  12. Delightful and helpful, thank you.


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