Wednesday, September 1

Need Your Help Naming My Newest Version of PowderRoom!

Baby PowderRoom, PowderRoom 2 and Perfect Portrait are probably my most downloaded actions on this site. However, I have received so many requests to write a retouching action that is specific for darker eyes/complexions.  I was excited to finally start working on this action because I am a bit tired of using my boys, chickens, weeds and dog in all of my action tutorials and screenshots.  :-)  You might think I don't photograph anything else...  Well, you are right, I don't get out much!

I am not a professional photographer so I asked Morgan if she would send me some photos from some of her model shoots to work on so I could design the action. All of the images she sent were stunning, but this was one of my favorites.
The top images is "before", the bottom is "after" using my new retouching action. I am really happy with this action and can't wait to post it!  It has a skin smooth, skin brighten, eye sharpen and eye pop layer and everything is completely adjustable. I did a tiny bit of cloning to remove some spots before running the action, but that was it other than the action.  I tried to use this in moderation so that the model's skin didn't look plastic.

So I am asking for name suggestions. I would love to keep PowderRoom somewhere in the name if possible, but I need a unique name that mentions that this action is great on darker skin/eyes.  I already have a PowderRoom 2.  And if you have a great name that doesn't use PowderRoom, that would work also!  Just leave a comment below if  you have a suggestion. 

On a side note, my next retouching action (after this one) will be the new and improved Perfect Portrait.


  1. oh my goodness .. a better perfect portrait action? Is that possible?! :D I use that action (tweaked layers of course) on practically every single image I give to clients! Thank YOU! I'm so excited ...

  2. Some suggestions I can think of...
    This action looks fantastic - well done.

  3. Cocoa Powder Room
    Powder Dark Room
    Rich PowderRoom
    Deep Powder Room

  4. The Flawless Portrait

    It looks great! I would love to test it on some images if you would like!

  5. Darkened PowderRoom
    Ebony PowderRoom
    Touch of Glam
    Black Moon Rising
    PowderRoom Opaque
    Diverse PowerRoom
    PowerRoom Espresso
    Chestnut PowerRoom
    PowerRoom Bronzed
    Warm Shine PowerRoom
    Black Cherry PowerRoom
    Russet PowerRoom
    Burnt Umber PowerRoom
    Copper PowerRoom
    Chocolate PowerRoom
    Camel PowerRoom
    Sepia PowerRoom
    PowerRoom Toasted
    Copper PowerRoom
    PowerRoom Tanned

  6. I also like PowderRoom Deep, as another person commented. It makes me think of deep brown eyes. I think you could look for inspiration on cosmetics brands too. The darker foundation shades always have names like Honey or Almond or Espresso.

  7. Some more suggestions...

    Choco-Latte Powder
    Mocha-Rich PowderRoom

    This action looks fantastic! :o)

  8. Rich Onyx Powder Room
    Ebony Dream Powder Room

  9. I like Cocoa PowderRoom.

    What is eye pop action? Do you have the tutorial for elements? Sorry, I'm unable to download any of the elements presets.

  10. My kids all wanted to give their suggestions so here they are, we let them pick 3 each and my hubby and I picked the rest...

    Powder Room Bold
    Powder Room Dusk
    Dusky Powder Room
    Powder Room Shade
    Shady Powder Room
    Powder Room Bronzed
    Powder Room Concealed
    Powder Room Mystic
    Murky Powder Room
    Powder Room Opaque
    Opaque Powder room
    Powder Room Raven
    Powder Room Pigment

  11. Cocoa Powder is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. Stunning!

  12. Powder Room Mocha Latte


    Powder Room Awesomeness your actions, can't wait!

  13. Powder in Chocolate
    Creamy Cocoa
    Powder ala Mocha

  14. Powder Room Coffee & Cream

    The after on this photo is amazing. What a gorgeous shot!

  15. PowderRoom DarkRoast
    Mocha Roca PowderRoom

  16. I am in awe!

    Powder Room Robusta (or Robust)
    Powder Room Kenya
    Powder Room Espresso
    Powder Room Exotic
    Powder Room Dark Roast
    Powder Room Arabica
    Powder Room Black Velvet
    Powder Room Mahogany
    Powder Room Walnut

    hootnonny...I sign in and it always tells me my PW is wrong. I need lesson in blog comments!
    Powder Room Chestnut
    Powder Room Kona
    Powder Room Madras

  17. Beautiful!

    Latte PowderRoom
    Cafe Au Lait PowderRoom

  18. Powder Room Coffee would work well for what it is and for where it comes from!

  19. Dark&Dusky PowderRoom
    PowderRoom Plus

  20. Powder Room Mocha Latte
    Powder Room Essence
    Powder room Riche
    Powder Room Exclusive
    Cinnamon Powder (Room)

  21. My first thought..

  22. Twilight PowderRoom
    The Shady PowderRoom
    Choco PowderRoom
    THANK YOU for your wonderful actions.... I am so excited about this new version! Your AWESOME!!!!

  23. I'm fairly new to your site but have enjoyed everything I've read so far!

    How 'bout...

    I also like Sharon's suggestion of 'PowderRoomPuff' and even to switch it around to PowderPuffRoom.


  24. Starless PowderRoom
    Midnight PowderRoom
    Diverse PowderRoom
    PowderRoom Ebony
    PowderRoom Rich

  25. Wow, that looks fabulous!
    I was going to suggest Cocoa Powder too. :)

  26. Like the E Family, I was thinking Powder Dark Room. Love the way this one looks by the way.

  27. What a great action! Here are some name suggestions...hope they help!
    Bronze Beauty
    Cocoa Glow
    I just love your blog! Thanks!

  28. Ebony Kiss Powder Room
    Powder Room Ebony Glow
    Midnight Powder Room
    Night Shadow Powder Room
    Midnight Shadow PR
    CocoKiss PR
    Touch of Coco PR
    Or any combination there of...

  29. Wow looks great. Coffee powder room would be my choice being of the coffee coloured nature ;)

  30. Awww, someone beat me to it, I was gonna say, Cocoa Powder! LOL

  31. How about...

    Mocha Magic PowderRoom
    Choco Latte PowderRoom
    Caramel PowderRoom
    Cocoa Spice PowderRoom
    Chocolate Spice PowderRoom
    Chocolate Kissed PowderRoom
    or Chocolate Kisses PowderRoom
    Choco'licious PowderRoom
    Mocha'licious PowderRoom

  32. Ok, now I can't shut my brain off, so just one more try....this is too much fun! LOL

    Cocoa Powder Puff
    Cocoa Puff PowderRoom

  33. I like 'Cocoa Powder Room' and 'Deep Powder Room' from comment above by The E Family.

  34. I like the suggestion of "rich" powder room or possibly
    "mocha"....great job, beautiful model~

  35. Hi Rita - I already left this comment yesterday (I thought) but perhaps I missed the word verif. or something. Anyway if you were just to busy to publish, you can trash this one. My suggestion is

    * PowderRoomCoffee

    Hints at the effect and references your blog.

  36. PowderRoom Tropical

    Looks great.
    I've been using PerfectPortrait - amazing.
    I put the results on my blog
    on August 22 in 2 posts - I don't know how to link to a specific post or I could give the exact link.
    (something else I need to learn).
    Thanks; love what you do.

  37. how about MochaPowderRoom or PowderRoom Mocha? to keep with the CoffeeShop theme.

  38. hmmm ...
    A little difficult because you don't want to end up offending, right?

    So blushers these days are called bronzers. How about
    Bronze Powder Room (heh - simple)
    Bronzing Powder
    But then again, people might think they can give themselves a tan. LOL!

    Some other words to describe a rich dark brown:
    coffee (yay!)
    dapple (oooh! Dappled Powder Room!)

    I need more coffee ;)

  39. Ok great minds think alike I was going to suggest
    Cocoa Powder Room!! How about

    Mocha Powder Room?
    Powder Room Dark

  40. Here are a few names I think would work well for your new action.....thanks for all you do and all you share with us!!!!

    Posh Powder Room or Powder Room Posh

    Chichi Powder Room or Powder Room Chichi

    Smooth Café Au Lait

  41. Powder Room Noir

    Can't wait to use this. It's just in time for a family reunion I'm shooting.

  42. I'm so excited about this action! I never seem to get brown eyes bright enough. I'm kinda stumped on the name though....

  43. Just lovely... How about Mocha Powder Room?

  44. Powder Room Robusta (or Robust)
    Powder Room Kenya
    Powder Room Espresso
    Powder Room Exotic
    Powder Room Dark Roast
    Powder Room Arabica
    Powder Room Black Velvet
    Powder Room Mahogany
    Powder Room Walnut
    Powder Room Chestnut
    Powder Room Kona
    Powder Room Madras
    (I commented yesterday...but it's not posted so guess it didn't go through)

  45. EbonyPowderRoom

  46. CocoaPowder, MidnightGlam, PowderDusk

  47. I love looking up words & their meanings & went to & thought about these:
    Mocha(in the)Powder Room
    Cafe Powder Room
    Espresso Powder Room
    Java Powder Room

    cappuccino, jamocha, java, amber, auburn, bronze, buff, sienna, chestnut, cinnamon, cocoa, copper, ecru, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, khaki, mahogany, sorrel, tawny, terra-cotta, umber, butterscotch, café au lait, swarthy, honey etc

    Mahogony Powder Room

  48. I have a few suggestions:

    German Chocolate Powder Room
    Rocky Roads Powder Room

    Anyway, can't wait to use it.

  49. Cocoa powder. Thanks for all the wonderful freebies and tutorials!

  50. Oh my goodness! I am more confused than ever!!! What great names... Rita

  51. Perfect Powder Room Dusk till Dawn.

    Thank you for all your free actions. They have become an inspiration to my creativity. :D

  52. Ebony and Ivory Powder Room.

    Just thought of another.

  53. LOL - Well, I see so many posts with combinations of my original thoughts involving Mocha or Latte, so, rather than not participate at all, I would juust like to toss

    Dusky Powder Room
    Dusky Mocha Powder Room
    Dusky Latte Powder Room

    into the mix -
    LOVE Your Actions!
    Thank You So Much For Your Generosity!
    Hugs From Idgie

  54. this is gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!

    Creme Brulee'
    Ebony and Ivory

    ok so I'm not creative with names...but I love the action!!!

  55. So many great suggestions and obviously a lot of us suggested Cocoa Powder Room, which is awesome, but I think I'm still in love with my second idea, Mocha Magic PowderRoom!

    Mocha for the beautiful color and skin smoothing layers and Magic for the eyes! I just love it! :)

    Hmmm, I suppose Cocoa Magic PowderRoom would be great too! Ok, you already have enough suggestions, so I'll stop! LOL

    By the way, what a beautiful model!!!

  56. Thank you for your actions!

    Radiant Sable PowderRoom
    Ethnic Glow PowderRoom
    Earth Mother PowderRoom

  57. Hello the first thing cme to my mind was
    Powder Coffee Room reason being it reflects me as a chocalate woman add a little powder to me and I look spectacular and dazzling. lol. I would love this action I can't wait until it's released!!

  58. How about:
    Cocoa Mojo
    Hot Chocolate
    Lady Godiva
    Brown Sugar ??
    Thought those were all fun. I can't wait for the action!

  59. I hope someone didn't already post this but how about


  60. The first thing that came to my mind was Chocolate PowederRoom, but I saw someone metioned Cocoa and I like that too. I like Mocha too.

  61. How about Powder Roots? or maybe Powder Room Ebony Edition?

  62. Midnight Ambrosia Powder Room

  63. BTW- so glad you created this action- i had been thinking about asking for some tips for warmer skin tones as i was having some problems.

    some of these are probably repeats...
    FoxyBrown PowderRoom
    PowderRoom Warmed Up
    Cocoa PowderRoom- whoops someone has that- i really like that
    Latte PowderRoom

  64. I'm excited! I have an adopted daughter with chocolate skin. :) I think the words chocolate or cocoa must be in the name somewhere. :) :)

  65. Looks wonderful! What about Cocoa Powder Room?

  66. I think you should call it Powder Room Shades of You!I love you tutorials and action sets!

  67. Powder Room Color
    Powder Room Shades of Color

  68. Cocoa PowderRoom was exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this also. Great job, and to the photographer, great shot!


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