Wednesday, September 29

Happiness is as simple as sand, surf and sun.

We had some family visiting and I decided we needed to spend a few days at the beach.   WITHOUT a computer.  Note to self:  Never buy a laptop.  Did I mention I only use my phone to call people? 

The weather was perfect (low 80's, no humidity during the days, cool nights and not a cloud in the sky) and we had a wonderful time at Galveston Island.  I love the beach and I love Galveston.  I have been to beaches all over the world, but there is something to be said about the beaches you played on during your childhood.  And now my children are running on the same beaches I did as a child.  Life is good, especially when you homeschool.  :-)

I love the combination of nature and beach trash in this photo.  I used  my Butterscotch Vintage action and the Pear Cobbler texture from Chasing Dreams (soft light, 100%).  I know people thought I was crazy when I pulled out my camera to shoot this.  Many people just don't see art in this type of beach scene.  Maybe they are right.  ;-)
Now below is the real reason I dragged my camera to the beach.  Sure, most of the time it is in the hotel  room because I would rather live the moment and not lug my large camera around and scream at my kids to turn and smile for mommy.  But sometimes you just suck it up and don't worry about your lens fogging up, or the weight of that lens (your favorite), or getting sand in all the wrong places (in the camera) and you capture a magical moment. No screaming, no smiling, no posing, no squinting; just two kids enjoying life.

Life doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Loved Galveston when we were there just before Katrina, unbelievably warm water and shallow out so far. Hopefully it's recovering from that hurricane. You are living the best part of homeschooling, being able to get away to visit places when everyone else is NOT there! :) Hope things are going well for you!!

  2. Absolutely wonderful shot of your boys!

  3. both are great photos... I too would take the 1st picture... and my hubby would be the 1st to say... "what?"
    and the 2nd... nope life doesn't get any better then that... great catch of the boys.. thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Oh but pictures like your first one make such great stories for scrapbooks or blogs. And a camera must always be with you - as you demonstrated so beautifully with your second picture, they don't need to be looking at the camera. I prefer candid shots.

    No laptop? How about a netbook? I do so need (interpret: am addicted to) that time to see what's happening on Facebook or uploading pictures so I can blog about the day, I would be so lost without mine. Wifi is necessary wherever we stay.

  5. I think your posts and pictures are so inspirational! There's something about them that makes me feel so at peace. I hope one day I can sit back like that, simply enjoying life and snapping magical moments. =)


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