Thursday, July 8

Virus Defined (and it has nothing to do with computers...)

So a few weeks ago when I was stressing out about my poor dear computer's CPU crash, everyone in our family was getting sick.  First my husband, then me, then the two boys.  We had fever, sore throats, viral "pink eye", coughs, headaches, and general exhaustion.  I try to avoid doctors at all costs because I am convinced you go in there with one thing and leave with a few new diseases.  Especially when you go to the pediatrician.

However, the boys both had their annual exam (they hadn't been to the Dr. in a year) so I decided to go ahead and bring them in and try to figure out what was going on.  After a quick glance at Duke's swollen eyes and red throat
 the Dr. decided we all had an Adenovirus, which confirmed my  husband's belief.  

So page forward a week later and we are all still sick.   My husband and the boys are gradually getting better, but I seem to be getting worse.  When I swallow it feels like razor blades are going down my throat, my neck is sore, I still have fever (which I never have), and my coughing and severe headaches have been keeping me awake pretty much all night.  When I do fall asleep either Duke or Imp wake me to wipe out their mucus-filled glued-shut eyes or get them some water.  

This morning I decided I had had enough and was ready to just die and get it over with.  So my dear husband told me he would take the morning off to watch the kids so I could run to the Dr. and make sure I hadn't gone into a secondary bacterial infection.  I refused at first because I knew I had a virus and they couldn't help me, but after coughing up what appeared to be small part of my lung lining while sucking on ice so I could breathe through my swollen throat, I decided to listen to his wise advice. 

So I went in one of those amazing quick clinics at the grocery store and after listening to me the incredibly nice and YOUNG PA pulled out a quick assay test and drew a blood sample.  And within minutes diagnosed me with mononucleosis.  Yes, the "Kissing Disease"...

For some reason I completely missed getting this as a teenager even though I practiced some kissing on cute guys. ;-)  And more interesting, our family of four apparently became infected at the same time (it takes 4-8 weeks to show symptoms once infected).  For the life of me I can't imagine a time we all passionately kissed or shared a drink with an infected person ;-) 

The mystery of how we got infected will probably never be solved.  My mother-in-law is convinced we got it from my mother's hot tub (she probably watched an Oprah where they talked about the dangers of hot tubs)...  :-)  Truthfully, I am just happy to know I am not some crazy hypochondriac.  I have been so fatigued that I don't even feel like working at my computer. Taking care of my sick family while I am also sick has sucked every last bit of energy from my body.  

I have many new actions I am working on (including quite a few B&W ones), so I will be posting those the next days/weeks.  Mono won't keep my from blogging.  :-)


  1. oh man... I have to tell you- I was not so fortunate to skip this disease in high school. My sophomore year I got it. I started feeling crappy and went rapidly down hill. I spent an entire week on the floor in the living room (in front of the tv)and ate NOTHING. seriously. im not exaggerating. I didnt consume one. single. thing. My throat was swollen to the point of barely breathing (and covered in one giant puss pocket on each side. appetizing, i know) my sinuses were swollen. and since my throat and nose was so swollen- it cause pressure in my ears that needed serious pain meds to help.

    After the first week of misery- my mom took me to the ER. They diagnosed me and shot me full of antibiotics. Send me home with more antibiotics and pain meds. For the following week, I still stayed on the floor. But gradually felt better. The worst part- because of my swollen spleen (apparently mono makes your spleen and liver swell) I wasnt allowed to ride my horse for almost 8 weeks. Even when I felt better. The dr said I was still swollen. ugh.

    I hate being sick, and mono is probably the worst. :( im sending get better fast vibes your way!

  2. I hope that you feel better very soon!!

  3. Aaag I had mono a couple years ago and I have NO idea how I got it! No one else I knew had it and no one else I knew ended up getting it from me. It was weird!

    And it is horrible! I am sorry!! Take lots and lots and lots of rest time! So sorry you are sick :)

  4. Oh no! That really stinks. I hope you are on the mend soon!

  5. I'm so sorry about your sickness. I too had mono, but mine was in third grade! Obviously, I did not get it from kissing. My doc thought it could have been a water fountain or something like that. Mine was not diagnosed until 4 weeks had gone by because he did not take a blood sample, but kept giving me antibiotics. I was so very sick and on bed rest for 6 months!!!! My liver and spleen (just like Megan said) were all out of whack, and it was just horrible on my little third grade body. So, hopefully you are able to bounce back much better than I did when I had it!!

    Good luck and get well soon!!!!

  6. Ugh, I'm so sorry. I hope you all get better very soon!

  7. Get better soon, Rita! And, get well wishes to your family, too.

    I had Mono twenty-something years ago about a month before graduating HS, right in the middle of final exams. I spent 4 days in the hospital sleeping, sweating and drugged up on some powerful meds, then spent the rest of the time living in the living room in front of the TV watching awful, mind-numbing yuck! I thought I wouldn't graduate with my class and would have to make up my time in summer school but all my teachers sympathized and used my mid-term grades and any exams leading up to finals as my final grades. I had to get an okay from the doctor so I could walk with my graduating class on graduation times!

  8. I'm sorry you're still suffering - I hope now that you have an answer to "what is it" that you will be able to get well soon. Take good care of yourself - your faithful followers will still be here when you're well.

  9. oh gosh, be careful and REST! i had a nasty case of mono about twelve years ago, and like a stubborn mule, i kept trying to keep up a normal level of activity. long story short, i never truly recovered and have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia to this day. i'm convinced if i had rested like i should have, that i wouldn't be in the state i am today. so, as much as i enjoy reading your posts, go back to bed, hire a babysitter for a little while and let us fend for ourselves for a bit ;-)

  10. Mono can be really debilitating. It does require a lot of rest so try and get some breaks in the day where you can lie down and rest. I know it is hard to do with little ones running around.

    Take care, my prayers are with you and all the family for a quick recovery.

  11. Wow! I'm glad you know what's wrong but so sorry you have to deal with mono on summer vacation! That's just wrong!
    Take it easy on yourself and get better soon!

  12. So Sorry to hear you have mono...yuck! I hope you all heal quickly and that your immune systems rev-up and kick this sickness in the butt :) I look forward to your new actions, but take care of yourself first. Lots of love...

  13. I hope you and your crew are feeling better very soon!

  14. Oh bless your heart honey! I got mono when I was 17 and working at a Scout summer camp. I thought it was just a bad cold coupled with exhaustion from working so hard, but a trip to the doc after camp was over said otherwise. Hopefully you'll get over soon! Take care and get some rest...we'll forgive you if you take a little time from blogging ;o)

  15. Thank you guys! It has been good for me to read these comments, especially the part about taking it easy. Not easy to do when you have two sick little ones at home with you, but thank goodness for TV! For some reason no one wants to babysit kids with mono... ;-)

    I absolutely hate to use the television as a babysitter (even thought they only watch nickjr and construction videos), but I keep on telling myself that a few days of tv overload won't kill them. Having both mono and mom guilt stinks...

  16. Rita, I hope you and your family get well soon. Glad you went so you could get the meds you need. My son had this in college and spent two weeks on my sofa. So I kind of know how bad yall feel!

    BTW I sent you an email to your yahoo email re the vintage lilies of flickr. But that's for when you recover.


  17. My daughter tested positive for mono via the blood test a few months ago. I thought that was it, but my doctor explained there is a very high level of false positives on mono tests. If you have ever been exposed to it (not necessarily had it) before and built up an immunity to it, you could test positive for it and really have something else (as in my daughters case). Just wanted to mention the possibility in case you feel it could be something different.

  18. Poor Rita! I hope you and your family feel better soon... xoxo

  19. Eeewww, that sounds horrible. I'm so sorry and I hope you all get better soon. Taking care of sick kids when you feel like death is the worst...I dont think I would wish it on my worst enemy.

    My son and I have been battling a nasty stomach virus for 3 weeks now. I'm finally starting to feel human again.

    Good luck!

  20. I am so sorry that you are sick. That is the worst! Please know that I am praying for you...

    On a side note, I am absolutely sleep deprived because of you and your fantastic blog that I just discovered a couple days ago. I have four youngins so I have been burning the midnight oil flipping through all of your posts and downloading all of your AWESOME actions. Thanks so much for your generosity. I linked up to you on my last two posts b/c of your great stuff. In between naps I would love for you to come by!

  21. I came to download some of your amazing actions after finally updating PSE and had to comment-- please be kind to yourself in your recovery. I had mono two years ago and I was so sick, and just as you said, fatigued, that it took awhile to feel anything approaching normal again!

    Mine was another mystery case-- no idea where it came from.

    Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for this amazing site.

  22. sorry to hear you are not well but with a diagnosis in hand, good health will be coming your way sooner than you think. That is my hope for you and yours. :)

  23. Awww Rita!
    Use the babysitter (TV), and if you feel super guilty about that give them a coloring book and colors in bed :)

    Get lots of fluids, and rest woman!

    I hope you feel much better, along with the rest of your family very soon.

    If you need help with anything feel free to shoot me an e-mail and dictate what you want me to do.

  24. Oh rita! I was just diagnosed with mono las Friday! I have a 16 month old and it has been incredibly difficult to care for her while feeling like this. I pray you and your family get well soon! And you are not alone in your pain!!


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