Wednesday, July 7

The Tale of Two Hens, Part 2

You might remember my story about Blackie and Goldie, the two mother hens who share three chicks.  I just wanted to post an update.

Both mother hens are still taking great care of their three shared baby chicks.  Blackie and Goldie follow their babies everywhere, and usually one mom ends up watching over everyone.  In the image above (taken this morning) you can see Goldie teaching her babies to scratch for food while Blackie stands in the background making sure the coast is clear.

I am amazed how these hens continue to work together to raise their little babies.  Last night they slept in the henhouse with the other chickens for the first time.  I found Blackie and Goldie perched high up in the house with their three baby chicks on the perch, snuggled under them.  It was so incredibly cute!  Chickens might not be the brightest bulbs in the animal world, but they are certainly fun to watch.


  1. Or maybe chickens are smarter than we give them credit for. The chicks are getting so big....thanks for the update. :)

  2. I hope you keep us up to date on these cute chicks! I'm really enjoying it.

  3. I love your story on your chickens, it brings back fond memories.Thanks for sharing. Phillipa.

  4. Two are always better than one...and since the roosters are just parading around, not being of much use, I say Hooray for the two females to take care of the young!


  5. what a cute story. My daughter's two chicks are little terrors. They adore her and will come to her if she holds her hand out (thinking she has some "honey puffs" in her hand maybe) and are absolutely fearful of me .. maybe because I'm the one that had to move them from one cage (not used to calling it a coop yet) to another when they were super little. Sure they'll let me hold them but you can feel them trembling. And to hold and snuggle and cuddle like my daughter .. no chance.
    Keep posting pctures and stories. Miss thing loves to read them.

  6. oh thanks for the update, Ive been wondering whats happening on the henfront!


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