Monday, June 21

Blogger UnWrapped: Blogger Gadget Title "Fix", or "Blogger, why the heck do you force me to title my gadgets now???"

You probably know I love Blogger. I use it for all of my blogs and I am also a Blogger blog designer. So imagine my horror (ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic) when suddenly late last night Blogger started forcing me to add titles to all of my gadgets on Page Elements, including html/javascript and text.  

You are probably asking "why should I care?". But you might be surprised. If you add a background with a gadget html code from a site like Shabby Blogs or any of my tutorials, you now have to put a title on there like "background" or "." or "Blogger, why oh why did you do this to me???".  And you will see that stupid unwanted title on your blog. And if you open an old gadget to check it out, you will be forced to add a title...

See, many html codes you add as a gadget on your Page Elements you don't want titled because they add design elements such as a slideshow header, background, buttons, and other goodies. So the last thing you want is a title on your blog taking up space. How silly would it be to have a title "Slideshow Header" over your slideshow!!!  And if you post a button on your blog you don't always want a title over that button.  Does your Facebook badge really need a "Facebook Badge" title?

So last night I was on a mission to figure out how to "fix" this. After spending approximately 10 minutes cursing Blogger out under my breath while glaring at the computer, I found that other people had noticed this issue. You can see my frantic question in the list.

I calmed down and looked over my template code and figured out a fix (you can read all about it on the forum) and it was a PITA but it worked. But today I checked back and found an easier if still irritating solution.

When you add a gadget that does not need a title, then simply type, in the title area


and there won't be any title. However, if you edit this gadget or add any new ones you will have to type this title in each one, every time.

Oh my... Blogger, if you read my blog, please please please don't force us to add titles to our gadgets! If I put a photo of my kid on my sidebar, I don't want to have to title it "My kid".  Blogger, I have been your biggest fan so please fix this annoying issue!

Hope this post helps someone out there. :-) 

Amazing giveaway tomorrow, so please check back!!!  And I am also releasing many new free actions/tutorials in the next days/weeks.  Look out for my new and improved Perfect Portrait, Magic Sunset, and several new B&W actions.  I have been having some fun playing.  ;-)


  1. Does this apply just to the *new* blogger templates or is it retroactive?
    I change the items in my sidebar frequently and DO NOT know HTML.
    I've always just put up what I wanted and that was that.
    So do you have to open the view to HTML and add the text you indicated?



  2. This applies to all blogger templates, new and old, where you add gadgets via your Page Elements page. And it is retroactive unfortunately. So if you open an old gadget it will force you to add a title. Rita

  3. Thank you! It had happened to me and I was/am also annoyed! Thanks!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing this! I am making a note of it. I frequently edit and add gadgets on my blog and it would drive me bonkers if I didn't know of this great fix!

  5. Wow, stupid blogger! Well, thanks for finding a fix for us. Any chance of more lightroom presets from ya? The ones you have are great!

  6. omg!!! WHY oh WHY would they do that???
    I'm going to have a truckton of client emails coming ... ahhhhhh!!!

  7. Oh now that is just plain stupid!! What ever is the point or the reason?
    Thanks for figuring out a fix for us Rita!!

  8. Thank you so much for all you do, Rita! I really would be lost in the sea of the unknown if it wasn't for all your hard work!

  9. Thank you SO much! You have no idea how mad I just was at Blogger...but you saved the day--thanks hun!

  10. Great tip, thanks!

    I wanted to let you know that when I saw the Urban Grit action a few days ago, I didn't like it. I thought it was too messy and too... gritty! But I gave it a try anyway.

    And now I love it! It's perfect for photos that need extra edge, to make something pop. Thanks for making that action! (And all the others, too.)

  11. Just wanted to let you know I love-love my Watermark Action Set. I gave you a shout out on my blog. Thanks again!


  12. Thank you so much Rita!! I've been banging my head against the desk for a while trying to figure this out! You saved a girl (and my desk)!

  13. I think Blogger is alienating an awful lot of people... do you think they are trying to put independent blog designers out of business altogether???

    I just did a post re the widgets problem and mentioned you (thought you'd like to know). Thanks to Anne for telling me, and you for solving the problem:

    I wish Blogger would let alone - it's so hard to get back to the Layout page, and so many people don't WANT the Designer facility. Shame it couldn't remain a choice (like when it was in Beta).

  14. I'm trying to learn how to fancify a couple of my blogs and now I have dumb changes to worry about? Just the commitment to blog regulary is huge for me. Thanks for keeping track of these things so I don't have to cuz' I got enough going on!

  15. Oh my gosh. Thank you thank you. I changed my background and I had to add a title. So stupid but as always you have a solution!

  16. Thanks for all your research and info. about figuring out editing html and java on Blogger. I really appreciate it. I'm a webmaster at the school I work for, but dang, your knowledge on the subject of fixing my blogger blog just the way I want it makes my blogging life so much easier!!!

  17. Had to share this on with friends.

    Thanks so much for sharing as I know a lot of us would have been lost!

  18. I had to go to the help desk a couple days ago to get the answer as well! So frustrating. Feeling like they're micromanaging our blogs.

    What difference does it make to them if we have a title or not? It makes no sense to me and can see no reason for them forcing us to do that.

    All it does, as you said, is clutter up our blogs. How ridiculous. They are forcing us to have another step in our already busy lives.

    No wonder more and more people are moving to WordPress!


  19. I had the same darn thing happen this week...argh. Thanks for the code! You're the best! :)

  20. I noticed this problem too, and blogged about it. Lol! And then I found that forum and saw the easy fix. Luckily, blogger is fixing it "soon"- whatever that means.

  21. oh my gosh thank you, thank you, thank you! I am not a code person, I can squeek by with some things and figure it out but it is not my thing and takes me forever. what is up with blogspot all of a sudden this never used to be an issue...*Sigh* Thanks again so much for your help - I am putting a link to your blog from mine.

  22. Ah!!! You are amazing, thanks so much!!!

  23. i don't have this problem that's wierd.

  24. YES!!! I noticed this too and was so frustrated... Thanks so much for the fix...I will go take those annoying titles out right now.


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