Friday, May 21

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Inspired by the SouleMama blog's {this moment}, I am posting one image every Friday, taken that week, that really makes me happy.  If you end up doing the same I would love to see your photo linked in my comments!

And who doesn't love new baby chicks!  Meet the newest members of our family, Blackie Little Peep and Fluffy Tweetie. Yes, I have two tiny chicks living in my laundry room for a few days. You know you are a redneck when... ;-)


  1. Wonderful! I use to love visiting my grandparents farm when I was little...I always loved the chickens and baby chicks!

    Here is my mine ~ I came home from work Wednesday and found these brownies and the note waiting for me. :)

  2. I glanced at your shot and at first thought he was holding a frog. Frogs scare me. So, I didn't smile until I realized it wasn't a frog. Baby chicks are good. Frogs are bad. Baby chicks cheep. Frogs jump.

    Did I say that I don't like frogs?

    Here's my shot. It was one of my Shutter Sisters One Word pictures for the week.

  3. here's mine, it's of my two boys also.

  4. i remember when you used to be able to get dyed chicks at Easter time. I am so glad that they don't allow that anymore.
    There is nothing as cute as little kids with baby animals!

  5. I love this photo of the boys. so sweet!
    here is my fave of the week

  6. So sweet!!! What great photo opportunities ahead! LOL

  7. Too sweet!

    And too funny--I just spent 4 weeks raising two ducklings in a Rubbermaid bin in my dining room.

    Blog story:

  8. Love this idea, sometimes you just need a reason to post a picture, this is a great one... I love Fridays! I have posted my favorite picture of the week on my blog at (I LOVE your blog, thanks for all the WONDERFUL tips, your amazing!)

  9. I was also inspired ny soulemama! I love your moment@

  10. That photo is so full of cuteness. Congratulations to the new family member. Wonderful shot!


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