Saturday, May 01, 2010

Army Guy Adventures: Oh my! PG-13

I want to start this post off by saying that I have been watching the news for hours the last days and am horrified by the oil spill in the Gulf. I have spent many a summer in Galveston Island, South Padre Island, and in many of the beaches on the Gulf Coast all of the way to and including Florida. This is a tragedy not only for the wildlife and beautiful beaches, but for all of the hardworking Americans that fish and own/work at hotels and tourist attractions on the Gulf Coast that will be affected. You are all in my prayers.

Today, to cheer me up, I invited the Army Guys back.

So while I was sweeping the back porch the other day (the boys were playing on their swingset) I came open this scene. I was shocked! What were these two Army Guys doing with my children's bubble pipes? I decided to walk away since the Army Guys are of age and are usually very responsible. But I will have a talk with these guys later and mention that this is something they need to do after my boys have gone to bed.   

When I returned a few minutes later,
 this is what I found.

I don't know what was in those pipes, but I will assure you a few hours later Army Guys were back to business, having more fun adventures.  I guess we all need to relax every now and then.  I just usually prefer my relaxation in a glass of wine and a hot bath.   ;-)

As I typed that I just had a vision of my real-life super-masculine brother-in-law Army Guy hero sitting in a bath piled high with white bubbles, sipping a glass of white wine...  Boy, I need some more coffee...

Photos editing in LightRoom and made web-ready by this free Photoshop web action. Army Guys donated by my son Imp.  Pipes donated by my son Duke.  Humor and bath vision induced by lack of adequate caffeine this morning.  ;-)


  1. Ha!! That was so funny..I needed a good laugh!

  2. That was hilarious, I showed it to my husband who is usually unmoved by my interest in photography, and he died laughing! I really needed a good laugh, thanks!

  3. I'm loving the Army Guys antics! =D

  4. Hahaha! I am loving your army men posts, great stuff!

  5. Love the army men post but this one is too funny!

  6. Love it! Those darn army guys :)

  7. I love finding those silly army men in my inbox! Great start to the day...

  8. I love, love the army guys.
    Please keep them coming.
    Love your humor.
    My husband even cracks up while reading it!


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