Tuesday, January 5

A New Year Resolution I Want to Keep!

January 2009

February 2009

So I have two sicks little boys (we all have some type of flu that involves fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) so we all have been stuck inside. The highlight of my New Year was when Duke vomited hamburger pizza all over my husband's favorite recliner. Anyone know how to get that smell out of leather??? I had to pick undigested hamburger out of the washing machine after cleaning up and washing the towels. Yuck...

I never make New Year resolutions ...
because I know I will break them. Sure, there is a huge list of things I want to do, but I know resolving to do it on Dec. 31st is not going to make a hill of beans difference to my life. I already broke my "need to exercise more and eat healthy" partial resolution. Why did my husband buy those stupid little animal cookies with frosting and colored sprinkles? They were for the kids, but I had to taste-test them to make sure they were not stale. And they weren't. Stupid cookies...

But this new year I feel inspired. I have not edited or printed my family photos since the middle of 2008. The only time anyone sees a photo of my kids is if they take it, or they read this blog. :-) I have grandparents begging me for a current shot where Imp has hair or Duke is walking. Yes, Imp is almost 3 and Duke is 5, it has been that long since I have given out family photos to relatives...

So what is the purpose of taking all of these amazing shots of my life and then having them sit on my computer, gathering dust, mostly forgotten? I have read that almost nobody prints out their images anymore. That makes me sad.

There is something about having physical prints. I love sitting in a comfy chair with a full photo album. I have memories of visiting my grandparents in Bremen, Germany and going through their photo albums of my father's childhood. Carefully turning those little thin almost transparent sheets of paper protecting each page of photos and smelling their slightly musty but wonderful old book smell. No big screen monitor or fancy slideshow replaces that feeling.

So I am resolving to edit and print out (and put in albums) all of my family photos from 2008 until present. And I am giving myself until Feb. 28th of this year to finish 2009. Then I will go back and finish 2008. This is one resolution that I am actually excited to complete.

The hard part is not editing hundreds and hundreds of photos. I simply use LightRoom and do basic color and B&W editing (yes, really!). The part that is killing me is picking my favorites. I can't find a bad photo of my kids or family. Sure, it might be blurry (Duke's eyes are half closed in a blink and he looks demonic), or tilted (why is our backyard fence falling off the edge of the photo?), or somewhat boring (why did I take a photo of Imp's dirty sock or that chicken foot?). But every shot has some type of story, or a special out-of-focus smile, or inside joke. So how do I pick my favorites?

It is a difficult job, but I am up to it. Wish me luck! And I hope my story inspires you to go out and start actually editing and printing out some of your old photos so you can enjoy them. :-)

BTW, I am picking one random photo from each finished month and posting it here and on Flickr. So far so good, I have finished Jan and Feb 2009! March is kicking my rear because it was bluebonnet season and I have hundreds of shoots of the boys frolicking in flowers (yeah, sad...).


  1. Oh my goodness! This is my resolution as well! You are not alone in your quest!

  2. I love your resolution. I wish I could do the same but our family is actually preparing for a move down to Florida and we have only just started the packing process.

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. I'm on a mission to do this as well. It wasn't actually a resolution but on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. You've inspired me to get on top of this much sooner than I would have if I didn't read this post. I've got a few photo sessions to edit then it's time to look at my own family pictures! :) Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Well... this is certainly inspiring! I have said it so many times myself that I will print!! I will print!!! aaaaand I haven't. I have SOOOO many images and have just gotten so lazy with sticking them on my external hard drive with the intension of dealing with them "later". Huuuuh. Where to begin!? It'll be a huge task for me, but thanks for the reminder and 2010 challenge!!! I needed this kick in the rear!!

    Oh... and I've heard that Saddle Soap and fresh baking soda can help with the vomit smell in your leather recliner. I googled it for you. This is what the lady had to say:

    "The Saddle Soap brand I used was Fiebings. Then I put A LOT of fresh unused baking soda on the leather and rubbed it in (don't use the stuff that has been sitting in your refridgerator). VAcuum up the excess. This will kill the smell about 50% and open any barrier that keeps the leather from getting wet. Then after the leather dries for a day or two, make a water and baking soda "batter" and rub it on the leather. The solution will soak in, so you'll see the leather darken from being wet. Let this bry a bit and just use a vacuum brush to remove the dried baking soda. After rubbing off any excess baking soda, let the leather dry, then treat the leather with appropriate leather conditioner for your couch. I used Lexol Conditioning Wipes which I also found at the equestrian store. "

    Hope this helps!!!
    Happy New Year!

  5. I'm also right there with you! I haven't printed photos (except for a special ocassion here and there) since 2007 I think. Maybe 2006 (shudder!). I'm working on getting my printed pictures into albums but it's been a process! I take SO MANY PICTURES EVERY DAY that I'm just overwhelmed by the task of picking which ones to edit, keep, scrapbook, etc. Like you, I love them all! If I took the photo, it means something. If you figure out any tricks for narrowing it down, please fill your readers in (so I can get some "advice" for myself!). In any case, good luck with the task... I'll be plugging along with something similar as well! Happy 2010!

  6. I love your resolution and have set this as one of mine as well. My biggest problem is getting the printed pictures stored into albums. I started out with one child and could fit a whole year in one album...now I have three children and need 2 or 3 albums per year. Unfortunately I don't have storage space for all those albums. Any ideas for putting the printed pictures in albums...and not taking up all my storage?

  7. I have a thought for you. I'm a Grammie now, my kids are grown and living *independent-responsible-adult-lives*. But there were years with 3 babies in 21 months that I was grateful I just found time to take the photos! I would get them developed, look at them once and then file them away in by baskets. After they'd just flown the coup I took several months and got 17 years worth of photos into the albums. It was a wonderful journey into the past and I remembered all of those hard days with joy.
    So what's my point? I'm glad that I made time for my *babies* while they were still home and I could enjoy them... those photos can wait... go enjoy your boys and don't stress!

  8. I love printing out pictures. For a long time I went without printing anything out, but then I started doing more shoots for people and as a courtesy, I started printing a few of my favorites out for them, because I know more than likely, they're going to just post them on facebook and be done with it. But to me, having the actual photo is so much more meaningful.

    I wish I could do the same as you though, but I really don't have many "family" photos. It's just my boyfriend and me. Maybe my resolution should be to take more photos of us together. (=

  9. Great new year resolution! I am a printing fiend! I love having something physical to hold. I always holler at my dad who has like 500 photos on his computer but the only prints he has are ones that I give to him. :) Actually, this year, all our photos are heading into a digital album so I won't have something physical to look at until November! Whatever will I do!

    I hope you all get well soon - I finally have a healthy family again after weeks of sickness.

    All the Best!

  10. I had a baby 10 months ago and prior to that I almost never printed out my photos. But I want to have a photo album for him so I have been printing his photos over the past several months. Of course I'm way behind (mostly because I take a lot of photos of him and printing can get expensive). I believe I've made it through July with my last print order. My future goal is to pick some favorites and do a full edit to make nice prints for family. I think this is a great resolution and one that seems very achievable. Thanks for the wonderful site and freebies!

  11. My boys are both home sick too with the same symptoms. Frown. Hope they feel better soon.

  12. You haven't lived until your dog vomits two sticks of butter into the corner of your "fabric" sofa. Yup, two sides and the bottom of the sofa and the cushions and then proceeds to gnaw on the cushion over the next year because you really never got the grease and smell out of the fabric.

    i've done the undigested food in the washer too, hot dogs!!!

    hope you are all better soon..


  13. That's a great goal! I've just recently started printing out more of my photos and you're right; there's just something about having an actual physical copy in your hands. Plus, you'll have a great time re-capping the past year and a half of your family's life in photos!

  14. that is a great plan...i just got all my pictures printed now my goal is to get them into a scrapbook! don't forget to jot down the story of the photo as you go or you might forget that specially little story by the time you get around to the scrapbooking!

    hope the sickness is gone for good...it can be nasty stuff!

  15. What a great resolution! I'm not that motivated to edit every picture. Instead, I started a family blog and I try to update it every few days even if it's just pictures. Then once a year I print the entire blog into a book through Blurp.com. The books turn out really cute and my kids really enjoy them. You can even have your family members purchase a copy for themselves if you want.

  16. Well I don't print picture to print pictures...but about 1 year ago I started doing digital scrapbooking and I print my pages and put them in a 12 x 12 album. It is awesome! And I do it all in PSE! I am sure you already know how to do this but, if not and you ever want some pointers I would love to pay you back for all your generousity. Just let me know!!! Here are some samples pages... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=25469&id=1464062884&l=5d73b7b9c1

  17. I too, have resolved to get caught up on my photo printing. My problem is that I have to print them all (I wish I could pick and choose favorites). I don't take the time to edit them either :( I've been working on getting caught up for over a year now, and right now I have the last 6 months to print and the last year and a half to put in albums. Seems like too much work but I'm gonna try and do it. It's good to know there are others out there doing the same thing. Thanks for helping to keep me motivated. I like the idea of giving yourself a deadline. Maybe I'll do that too. Happy New Year!

  18. Sounds like a great goal!! I totally agree with you! I always keep my digital photo's but print out my favorites to put in my album!! So good luck on that!!

  19. A few have already suggested it, but I'll chime in. At the end of a blogging year, I turn my blog into a Blurb book. Before that I would do "a year in review" through Shutterfly. VERY easy to use and the quality is good. And, its done. Not perfect, but done.

    So much fun going back through, isn't it?

  20. Good Luck!!!! Sad that I too am way over do with photo processing..

  21. Rita--Happy New Year and thanks for all the fantastic actions, templates and tutorials....oh, yes, and the postings that give us a glimpse into your busy life...I love that recent pic of Imp...I hope you'll print and frame that one--it's a winner....

  22. Hey rita.
    Trying to PIF with the name of my favorite album store. www.jleealbums.com they are fantastic. I particularly like the peel and stick ones. you just have the 8 x 8 s printed out at your pro lab (i use templates I have purchased and plug in my pics to save tons of time)peel off the backing in the album and viola you have an amazing album. quality, beautiful. the 5 x 5 s are perfect brag books. or there are wallet sized ones too.
    thanks for an amazing site! especially for us PSE users. God bless.

  23. I could totally relate to your resolution! I didn't make it a resolution, but I also haven't printed out pics of my children since...I hardly remember! Good reminder, once again!


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