Sunday, October 11

CoffeeShop 6 Pic Storyboard Template!

Here is another fun template that has clipping masks and can be used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Check out my clipping mask tutorial if you have never used them, you will not regret it! You can insert 6 images and put some text in the center rectangle. All of the images have drop-shadow frames. Change the background to any color or add an image or texture. This storyboard can be printed or cropped to fit on your blog. Have fun!

Download the CoffeeShop 6 Pic Storyboard HERE or HERE. Remember, this storyboard is NOT an action. :-)


  1. I love all your actions! And am so sad, after my latest update to Adobe Elements 6 for Mac, I no longer have the folder to install the actions. Have you heard this from anyone else?

  2. I need help! A lot of the PSE actions I downloaded won't work. Every time I try them a box pops up that says "Layer via Copy" command is unnavailable. I have PSE 5 on Vista. Can this be fixed? Thanks


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