Saturday, March 21

Now for some photography...

Finally, some photography. Believe it or not, I actually do take photos and not just write actions. If I could only catch up processing all of my thousands of images...
We have our own personal bluebonnet field outside our kitchen window (in the front side yard) and I was taking some photos of the gorgeous bluebonnets when I noticed this little weed. I stopped for a moment and snapped its photo and was happy I did. The bluebonnets are more spectacular, but this humble weed is beautiful in its own right. I used my favorite walk-around lens EVER, my Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras (if you don't have this lens, run and get it, it is great for everything from landscape to flowers to portraits!). I believe my aperture was pretty much wide open when I shot this, and that background is not photoshopped but the real deal. It looks like a painting or texture, but it is 100% from this lens! I processed this using my newest action set I am working on (and will be releasing soon). This action set is perfect for those flower/landscape images and I think you will love it.

And I also wanted to mention that my spectacular bluebonnets drive my poor husband CRAZY! They are in full glory for about a week (and get trampled by neighbors sneaking in to photograph their children with the blooms), but are a weed pit about a month before they bloom and 2 months after they bloom (to make sure they completely seed). My husband takes pride in our yard and having to look out at a field of questionable weeds for months is pretty upsetting to him. As I know he faithfully reads my blog (he does!), I wanted to thank him for being so patient with my flowers. And also thank him for not mowing them down as he threatens every spring during every breakfast while we are looking over the seeding bluebonnets being taken over by foot tall weeds! You are a true gentleman my dear.

Oh, I also need to catch you up on my chickens. I had zero, then 5, and now 31. It is an interesting story and one that needs to be told, on another day of course. And I have so many things coming your way. My texture loading action, an action to brighten eyes, the action I used above, and some B&W actions that will finally work in Photoshop Elements! Plus more storyboards, some patterns, brushes, frames, and whatever else I design late at night when the boys are asleep and my husband is resting his eyes ;-) . Oh, and I will be posting some bluebonnet photos very soon!


  1. Your photo is just amazing I have a nikon I will have to check out a lens that nikon makes that is similar! Thank you and I LOVE YOUR Blog@@@

  2. Oh, thinking of bluebonnets makes me miss Texas! The depth of field on this shot is beautiful!

  3. I use the same exact lens!! And I LOVE it! I use it for everything and sometimes have to remind myself that I DO have other lenses. It is perfect for portraits! Love your actions! I wish I could figure out how to load them. I watched the video, but still having trouble. :(

  4. LOL! Can't wait to see your photos, and some of the chickens too.

  5. Love to see a photo of your side yard! Your photo makes we wish I had a SLR. Still using a point and shoot.

  6. Such a pretty picture! I envy you abilities! Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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