Monday, July 21, 2008

Elements 6.0 Actions Coming Soon!

After downloading and playing with the free trial version of Photoshop Elements 6.0, I now realized why most of my actions don't work in Elements. So I have decided that I will edit/rewrite some of my PS ones, and create some new actions that are completely compatible with Elements. I am seriously surprised that Elements is such a great and powerful photo-editing program, and completely affordable (unlike its badboy stuck-up older brother CS3). If only it had an action writing option!

Anyway, stay posted and check out my blog in a week or so and I should have some free Elements friendly actions (that will also work in PS of course).


  1. Thank YOU!


  2. Really looking forward to it. Thanks! Will these be compatible with the Mac version? I have had some luck and some not so good luck with installing actions on my Mac. I love your actions!


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