Friday, May 2

Problems downloading free actions?

I am having some issues with my file-hosting site (Mediafire), so if you are having problems downloading my free actions then try again a few hours later (or even the next day), or email me at and let me know which actions you want and I will send them to you.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I am looking for a more dependable free hosting site.

One reader suggested this way around the problem, you can see if it works for you! When I tried to download the Coffee at the Bakery - Coffee shop actions I would click on the link at the mediafire site and it would take me to another page that was just a lot of text. So I tried doing a right click and chose "Save Linked File As...". The name of the file had a .txt at the end of it. So I saved it to my desktop without the .txt. I then loaded into PS. I would suggest also adding .atn at the end to make it an actual action file. Let me know if this works!


  1. thank you! i have downloaded two of your actions :D

  2. Thanks Rita-
    What a generous person.
    I excited to try some of actions I'll let you know how it works
    Thanks again-


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