Friday, April 25

Examples of images processed with CoffeeShop actions

I am going to start posting some amazing captures from photographers over at Flickr who have been kind enough to play with my actions.

SunKissedSam at posted the above cute images. The top left is the original, the top right is "Hint of Color", the bottom left is "Tritone", and the bottom right is "Gradient". All three are from my B&W action set. I think this photo set demonstrates that an excellent picture is 99% due to the actual capture and only 1% the action.

The pictures above are all done by Kpauli . She has a gorgeous photostream that you have to check out. She used the Creamy Toffee Latte action on the little girl and the dog and on the little girl wrapped in the towel (which made Flickr Explore on April 4th!). The garden scene has the blueberry glaze action applied.


  1. Thank you Rita! What a wonderful heart you have. I am just starting out and have found that often you feel like you must buy an action to enhance your photo. Untrue, especially with your free actions. Also, I can now see what is unfolding in an action and understand the process better. Thanks again for you time a creativity.

  2. Very nice. I love your actions..especially your tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing.


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