Thursday, September 27

CoffeeShop Free Photoshop Only Actions

The actions listed below work in Photoshop 7 and all versions of CS ONLY! They do not run in Photoshop Elements. If you have any questions about these actions, please post them at the CoffeeShop Flickr Group.

Free Actions-Orton Effect

Free Actions!  Check out my blog.

CoffeeShop B&W Actions
CoffeeShop Tea Selections

CoffeeShop Color Pop Free Actions!

CoffeeShop Color Pop Tutorial


  1. hi rita! just wana thank you for sharing your wonderful actions and templates! they have helped me so much, i love them all!
    thanks again! keep up the amazingness =)

  2. I have to thank you as well! With the help of your actions I can achive the effect on my photographs that I want.

    (see the first result at the link)

    *hugs* Thank you!

  3. another thank you from me!
    Im a post processing junkie and I just love perusing your blog with all its wonderful goodies!


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