Wednesday, June 6

Loading CoffeeShop Presets in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements ACR and LightRoom 2.

Loading Presets into LightRoom 2:
Place your .lrtemplate (LIGHTROOM) files here:

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Application Data\
Adobe\Lightroom\develop settings
C:\User\/your user name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\LightRoom\Develop Presets .

After your .lrtemplates are placed in the LR2 folder, you should see them in
Lightroom under the presets palate.
These are instructions for installing  ACR presets in PCs. Once I get information on installing them in Macs I will update. ACR presets (.xmp files) are to be used in Photoshop with ACR (such as CS3 and CS4) and .dng image files are used in Photoshop Elements 6 and 7 (see below how to do this). LightRoom 2 presets (.lrtemplate files) only work in LightRoom. If you have any questions, please post them over at the Flickr CoffeeShop Group. Here is a link that might also help if you can't get it to work from reading the information below.

Loading ACR Presets into Photoshop:
Place your .xmp (Adobe Camera RAW) files here:

C:/Documents and Settings\HP Administrator\Application Data\
Adobe\Camera Raw\Settings
C:\User\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings .

After your .xmp file is copied to the camera raw setting's folder, you must then load the presets in ACR. Open a RAW or .dng file in Photoshop and look at the top right side of your camera raw window under the histogram and you will see a "settings" pull down menu. Using the small arrow to the left, select "load settings" and select each .xmp file individually and click "load". Repeat this step for each preset. To select the preset while using ACR, open the preset tab and select which preset you would like to apply to your image,.

Loading ACR Presets into Photoshop Elements:

To use ACR presets in the “lite” version of ACR which comes with Photoshop Elements 6 and 7, you have to be a bit tricky. I include a folder of .dng images for PSE users. These images are labeled with the preset name and are photos I applied a CoffeeShop preset on in LR2 and then saved as a digital negative file (.dng). To make it easy on yourself, make a new folder on your desktop and label it "PSE RAW Presets" or something like that. Then store all of your CoffeeShop presets in that folder so you can easily find and load them. NOTE: Other people's presets will not work in PSE unless they include a .dng file as I do. You can't load presets in your program, but are loading images with presets applied!

Version 1: Open the image “preset” of your choice with PSE open and ACR will automatically open. Look at the top right side of your camera raw window under the histogram and you will see a "settings" pull down menu. Using the small arrow to the left, select “Save New Camera Raw Defaults”. PSE is only able to remember one preset at a time, and now you have put the preset setting applied to that image into its memory. Click done.

Now open your RAW image (or .jpg image opened as a RAW) you wish to apply the preset on. You can even select several images at once. The image(s) will open in ACR with the preset applied, and you can tweak and save the image(s). You can continue to open new images and the preset will be applied to each. Once you are finished with that preset, just open the top right menu again and click “Reset Camera Raw Defaults”. Then "load" a second “preset” image if you wish!

Version 2 (if Version 1 does not work): Open the .dng image "preset" of choice with PSE open, and ACR will automatically open. Click "done". Then open one or more RAW images and ACR will pop up and should have automatically applied the preset . If not, then click on the little menu to the upper right and select "Previous Conversion". Then adjust and save your images as normal!

All of my LR2 and ACR preset collections will include a folder of .dng images for PSE users. See, I didn't forget about you!!! :-)