Thursday, March 3, 2016

CoffeeShop "Worn Canvas" Fine Art Texture!

Today I have a new fine art texture called "Worn Canvas". This looks gorgeous applied to still life, landscapes, portraits, etc.

I absolutely love using textures. And one of the great things about textures is that they can be edited. In this example, I found a lovely texture and decided to desaturate it and cloned out spots, folds, and dirt. Then I ran Topaz Topaz Impression Photoshop/PSE plug-in (app) on it to add a bit of painterly effects. 

Don't be afraid to customize textures you buy or find on the web. You can even combine textures using different blending modes or change their colors. Have fun with them!!!

In this example (original) I ran the CoffeeShop Fashionista Luxe Light action and then added the Worn Canvas texture in Overlay blending mode. I love this edit. 

In this example (original image) I added the Worn Canvas texture two times, both in Soft Light blending mode (100% and 50%). I also added a yellowish-ivory Color  Fill adjustment layer in Soft Light, 100%, just over the image to brighten the image.

In this image (original) I ran the CoffeeShop Rainbow Velvet Luxe action and then added the Worn Canvas texture in Soft Light.

Download the Coffeeshop "Worn Canvas" Fine Art Texture. You can also download it here.

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  1. One can never have enough textures to choose from! Thanks so much!

    Lisa D.

  2. This is a lovely texture and really makes a photo have that dreamy look. Thank you so much.