Thursday, July 1, 2010

ColorInc Pro Labs Standout Mount Winner!

I am so excited! My new computer is up and running.
All of my files and images are intact and organized, and my computer guy even added all of my bookmarks to my IE8. I installed CS4, PSE6, and LR today and had no issues. Oh, it is nice being back. I just need to finish setting up my automatic back-up system. I will let you guys know what I think about it once it is installed.

Life would be great if only our family wasn't so ill with this flu bug. These summer bugs always seem more brutal for some reason. Poor Duke, he has been hit the hardest...

Enough about computers and flu bugs. So, we have a winner for the ColorInc Standout Mount! Number 29, picked by Email me when you get a chance, Staci Brock!!! Then ColorInc will set you up with your free 16x24 Standout Mount. You are going to love it!

I will have another great giveaway next week.  :-)


  1. Welcome back!! Im so relieved you're in one piece!!

    and congrats to Staci!