Thursday, July 1

Just a quick update!

The ColorInc Standout Mount giveaway is closed and I will be announcing the winner later today. Thank you so much for entering and your comments! I love hearing what actions are most useful to you.

So it's computer update time. I have my new computer up and running and it appears that my images and files are OK!!!
I am going to install Photoshop, PSE, and LR on there today so I can make sure I can open the RAW files to double check. This could have been so much worse so I am really grateful to my computer guy and my husband (they both kept me sane).

However, my wireless Internet is not working on my new computer yet, so I am still not up and running... Not to mention we have all been sick with what appears to be some nasty summer flu, so I am quite exhausted.

I want to thank you once again for all of your generous donations. They are so appreciated and are helping fund my new computer. I am so incredibly touched that my readers are so generous in these times when money is so scarce. I really do have the best readers!

Actions and tutorials coming this week!!! I can't wait to be back posting like normal, I miss it.


  1. i'm so glad that things are looking up!!!! :) i totally understand what you mean about a summer flu going family has had some sort of stomach virus for the past few weeks! it's slowly working it's way to each memeber of the family, first with the 4 kids, then to my hubby and me! grrrr :)


  2. glad your photos are not lost!!

  3. So glad to hear you're back in action and that you and your family are on the mend!! Everyday when I open my browser, the first thing I look for are your posts. I've really missed them!! Welcome back and thanks for keep us updated!!

  4. Well that's very good news. I cat totally sympathize with you and yours....we have all had the stomach flu over the past 3 weeks. We couldnt all get it at once....that would be too easy! It has been horrible, so I hope you all are feeling better soon :)

    Just wanted to say thank you for all of your tips....PSE has been a total pain in my rear until I found your blog!

  5. Hope you have a great weekend! I didn't know if you would post your "photo bliss Friday" tomorrow since your computer is in the hospital, so I figured I would share mine here :)


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