Monday, August 25, 2008

Cosi! TTV Textures Tutorial Coming to the CoffeeShop!

Thanks to the generous and amazingly talented Claudia (Cosi! from Flickr, this week I will have my first guest photographer reveal her own UNWRAPPED tutorial: TTV Textures. This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to apply TTV (through the viewfinder) textures on your images. These texture images are actual photos taken through dusty viewfinders of old cameras.

Claudia has beautiful textures and and TTV images here: . Please check out her photostream, she is a true artist. She actually has the equipment to do real TTV photos (check out her TTV work, it is stunning: ), but luckily she has made it possible for CoffeeShop viewers to do their own imitation TTV.

The two photos below are her before/after:


After (with the CoffeeShop Irish Breakfast Tea action from the CoffeeBar action set applied after applying her TTV texture):

We will be posting her tutorial (along with the CoffeeShop Rounded Corner action) this week.


  1. Awesome! I never know when a texture would be good to use.

  2. That is too cool!! I can't wait to try this out!