Friday, February 04, 2022

CoffeeShop "Honeycomb" Photo Storyboard for Print/Web!

Baby, it is cold out there!

Texas is cold, even those of us who live closer to the coast. It is in the 20's right now, which is really stressing out my almost 40 year old heaters. Thankfully it is going to start warming up soon, and this might be the coldest day this winter. 

Last night we had a tiny drizzle of rain so they closed all of the schools and universities in our area today. There is zero ice on the roads, so there are a lot of kids and teachers enjoying their three day weekend. ;-) I lived in Dallas for a few years and got used to ice and snow, and I don't miss it one bit!

Today I wanted to share a new Photoshop/PSE storyboard with really cool honeycomb photo cutouts. Add your images using the clipping masks in the PSD file, and change the color block colors to match your images. 

These would look nice printed or posted on the web. It is 12 by 12 inches and can be resized up or down depending on how you want to use it. 

This storyboard example was posted by J.p. Lacasse on Facebook. He changed the background color and added drop-shadows. I loved what he did with it!

I don't know if you have visited my storyboard page, but I have hundreds of free ones posted. You can also download all of my favorites in my Mega Download pack.

All of the images in this storyboard are from Taisiia Stupak.

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  1. Girl, I am so ready to B*tch about the heat and humidity! hahaha It is VERY cold to these old Texas bones, you are so right. Thanks for all you give us, one day I'll get to them and make something! xoxo, Aimeslee in Baytown

    1. I am with you Aimeslee! Actually I don't mind the cold for a while, especially this week with blue skies and highs in the 50's. But I am so happy we don't have to deal with snow and ice. And you live pretty close to Galveston which is wonderful! Rita


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