Wednesday, May 20

Life During Corona

I had no idea I haven't posted here in so long. I have been doing an extra job for The Graphics Fairy, so I have been neglecting my own site. But I am back!

So how are you doing? Thankfully the whole Coronovirus situation is slowly calming down here in Texas. Paul never stopped working, which probably saved our marriage. And I had a lot of time at home to get all types of things accomplished, just like all those people I see on Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe I will start off with what I didn't accomplish. I didn't learn a new hobby, I didn't deep clean or organize my house or garage, I did not do any real yard work, I didn't get extra school taught to the kids, I didn't make tons of freebies to share here on my blog, I didn't organize my freezer, I didn't bring out my real camera (except for one day), I didn't read any classics or practice the piano, I didn't learn how to cook any new dishes or bake new treats, I didn't teach my dog not to pull on the leash, and I didn't get ripped and thin.

This list should be much longer, but my fingers are tired.

What I did accomplish: Lots of walks, biking, watching Andy Griffith, eating chocolate, and a temporary anxiety disorder.

We did lots of hiking in neighboring parks that thankfully remained open during this crazy time. I would be stark raving mad if I didn't have access to nature.

Gandalf and Bilbo. We were playing with perspective. Duke is 6'1" and Imp is 5'3", so it wasn't too difficult to make Imp look tiny.

We had lots of rest time and tree-climbing time.

 I realized that Imp (left) takes after Paul and Duke (right) takes after me.

Some kind neighbor in the subdivision behind us made some cool biking trails in the greenbelt.

We spent a lot of time by the creek.

Our neighbor's house caught on fire but he was fine. It was a 6-alarm fire according to all the different county firetrucks that came to our neighborhood. The house was saved and we were able to visit with neighbors we hadn't seen in years.

Last month my baby turned 13 and we had my parents over for his birthday party. As you can tell we socially distanced. "Always no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a weddin' ring", wait, until we get a vaccine?

I love my imp.

Covid Hair, I don't care.

Stay-at-home orders lifted this month and we had our first breakfast out in weeks! 

Then we hit the Middle Eastern buffet. Now they serve you instead of you serving yourself so I end up eating more.


I realized I hadn't accomplished anything during the Covid days, so I pulled out my real camera and tried some free-lensing with Imp and Pippi.

During this pandemic time we lost two older rats (not to the virus but to natural causes) and replaced them with three baby rats so it has been a fun couple of months!

We went fishing and caught nothing but sticks and trees.

This past weekend we had our first vacation since San Antonio (early March). We went to Gaveston Island. The Strand was amazing, lots of people out and about, living their best lives. I think many of us are getting over the "better safe than sorry stay-at-home even if you are young and healthy" mantra and living by "get busy living or get busy dying". Unfortunately life is never going to be safe and I think coronavirus made us realize that.

I feel short.

Traditional running to the ocean photo.

I love this light.

My boys frolicking in the waves. I missed this so much.

I told them it was dinner time.

I brought my handsome lover along. 

Paul, do we have to leave??? This is one of my happy places. If only there were no such thing as hurricanes. Like I said, life just isn't ever going to be safe, so we just have to live it to the fullest! And of course take basic sensible precautions and not be stupid. ;-)

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  1. Awe, I just read your blog post and so happy you all are okay. I am afraid I have not gotten a whole lot done either, not in the sense of REALLY putting forth the extra effort. I still work PT and have not missed any work nor has my husband. Have felt blessed. Great pictures and thanks for the actions. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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