Thursday, January 2

Happy "Year of the Optometrist"

So my 12-year-old made this meme and sent it to my phone yesterday morning. He was sitting right next to me on the couch at the time. He has a very old iPhone 4s that only works on wi-fi and doesn't have Safari. He uses it to make stop motion lego films, text me from the couch, and make custom memes (without spellcheck).

I hope everyone is enjoying the "Year of the Optometrist". Well, that is what my husband calls it and he happens to be an optometrist. Anyway, I hope everyone's year has started off wonderfully and will continue that way!

Today it is rainy so I am stuck inside. With a good book. And some camomile tea. And two quiet boys reading books in their rooms. We are enjoying this last week off before we start school again. Well, it isn't always quiet. We got the kids a 2/3 size ping pong table and they love it! But I am having to get used to listening to the pinging balls throughout the day from upstairs. But it is such a happy sound.

I have many things planned to post here, so keep on visiting! And Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Today I'm catching up on January posts. Glad you pointed out it was your son's meme sans spell check. ;) Hope Paul's year of the optometrist is an optimistic one and the same for the rest of you. It is hard to believe that we're almost at month three now. Hope it is a great year for you and yours. ~Lisa


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