Thursday, November 21

CoffeeShop "Thankful" Social Media Storyboard Set!

Oh my gosh, where has the time gone? We have resisted Christmas decorating so far (and never got around to carving our pumpkins), but plan on putting up the tree this weekend. My sister Heather and her kids are coming to spend Thanksgiving with our parents and my family, so I am really excited about next week.

This year we are going to break tradition and not serve a turkey. Paul is going to make bbq chicken thighs and Chappell Hill link sausage on the grill. Carving the turkey is always such a hassle and I always get stuck with a lot of white meat, my least favorite part of the turkey. So this year we are going to go crazy and cook meats that everyone likes.

Today I wanted to share some social media square photo templates for Thanksgiving. These are for Photoshop/PSE, so simply add your photos using the clipping masks. You can adjust the text and text color to taste. I love the free fonts on Font Squirrel if you want to use some special fonts. 

These would be perfect for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even your website or text to your parents!

A special thanks to Lisa Rubel Photography (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for allowing me to use her stunning images in my example storyboard.

Download the CoffeeShop "Thankful" Storyboard Set!

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  1. Merci !
    If i understood well, one other turkey is on the point to be reprieved...
    C from Paris :D


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