Thursday, October 31

CoffeeShop "Moody" Lightroom Preset Set!

Oh boy, I haven't been on here for so long and I apologize.

We have had a family cold, then a short beach trip, and just a lot of other little things going on. Imp had his first Civil Air Patrol Cadet promotion. We have a ongoing window leak under a balcony that as of yet hasn't been found, lots of rain and some cold fronts (October has given us weather in the 30's to the 90's), Astro baseball watching (sad face), a death of one of our senior beloved pet rats, and the list goes on.

I have had these presets sitting on my computer since September and since today is Halloween I thought it would be a fun day to share them. They are called "Moody" and include 3 different presets, one that is super glossy and two that are matte. These look amazing on so many images, I love using them! I don't even adjust them much after running them other than using the radial brush to add extra highlights (up the  exposure) where needed.

These are written for the newest Lightroom Classic, but if you have an older version and can't run these let me know in the comments and I will make them backwards compatible. I absolutely hate that Lightroom presets are now in a different format. ARGGGGGH! You can download the presets towards the bottom of this post.

So what are your plans tonight? We are skipping trick-or-treating since the boys are older but are starting a new tradition of staying in at home and having pizza, some candy treats, and watching a scary movie. Have a great night tonight!!!

Original images used in this post: Sheep, Mountain, Lake, Tree.


CoffeeShop Moody Matte Unsaturated

CoffeeShop Moody Glossy


CoffeeShop Moody Glossy (with radial brush on light with increased exposure)


CoffeeShop Moody Glossy

CoffeeShop Moody Matte

Download the CoffeeShop "Moody" Lightroom Preset Set!

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  1. I don't currently have LR but I'll hold onto this incase at some point I get it. Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and very sorry to hear about the loss of your pet rat, prayers for you and your family. Congrats to your son on his promotion, how exciting for him.

  2. I would love to use these, but am still using LR6. :( They look beautiful!


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