Friday, October 5

{Friday Photo Bliss}: It Can Be All Fun and Games!

On Fridays I like to post snapshots I took that week that make me happy. 

We spent Monday afternoon at a little local amusement park. They have a special right now where their season pass (good through Dec. 2019) is cheaper than a day pass, so we splurged and bought three of them for Paul and the boys. 

Paul, my sweet husband, is a kid-at-heart.

The batting cages were a huge success. 

I was the mini-golf scorekeeper. There were not any official fights and there were a few "hunt for the ball" moments, but overall it was great fun.

Paul came in first, Duke second, Imp last.

I am officially a shorty-short around Duke. 

They were the only ones playing on the bumper-boats. Paul had only one rule: No one was to spray him with the water cannons. 

Imp broke that rule within 20 seconds.

There was payback. Dad went around chasing both boys, soaking them both.

And of course the kids went after each other.

After cooling down with the murky bumper-boat water (which might have contained brain parasites for all I know) they hit the go-carts.

Imp drove like a reasonable human being.

Duke drove like a little old man who was headed home to sort his socks.

And Paul drove like a Bat out of Hades. The boys agreed that he was crazy and gave him a lecture that there were signs posted that said you were not supposed to bump into anyone or anything.

Paul defended himself by responding passionately that people shouldn't have gotten into his way, he didn't have a choice.

I don't have a photo of him that is in focus thanks to his shenanigans, but I love his almost evil little smirk in this one.

Finally they hit the climbing wall.

Duke was ready to go.

Imp, strapped in second, shot off.

OK, Duke ahead!

Until he wasn't.

Imp is going for it! Meanwhile Duke had to start over a few times.

Maybe his long spider legs are holding him back?

Yep, the munchkin made it! I don't have a photo because I filmed it.

Duke finally gave up when he realized he wasn't wearing the proper shoes. And that it had been raining and the "rocks" were very slippery. And his straps were uncomfortable. And it really wasn't fair because Imp had the easy side.

Oh goodness, I have never heard so many excuses for being a LOSER! Hee hee!!!

Never wanting to be left behind, Paul summited the huge rock. 

That happy smirk again. He hasn't changed much from the sweet and sometimes-crazy 20-year-old boy I feel in love with decades ago.

They ended up paying for their season passes in one day, so they have fifteen months left of free amusement park fun. And I get to watch them have a blast together for free.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. It is wonderful how you guys still have the energy and ability to spend so much time doing fun activities with the kids!


    1. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had my kids at a younger age. Hee hee! But then I wouldn't have these two sweeties, so it all worked out. They keep me young.


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