Friday, October 19

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Cooler Times Means Outside Time!

On Friday I like to post snapshots of the week that make me happy.

Imp has decided to earn a little money and has started setting up carnival games in his room. Last week it was a shooting range that involved Nerf guns and dominoes, then it was Skee-Ball. He charges an entrance fee and then you have to pay for each game with a tiny chance of winning some of your money back.

His odds of winning are barely better than Vegas odds.

I love how boys turn chores like sweeping into fun and games. I am sure Ripsticking and sweeping should always go hand-in-hand.

I love Carolina wrens. This is our front porch light and there was one little wren using it for a nighttime cottage once it started cooling off. Then suddenly another wren showed up, but they sat apart, separated by a few inches. The next night they were cuddled together and now we see them every evening snuggled tight. Love birds!

I love how Imp always takes his school lessons of the day and somehow applies it to his play life.

He has decided that he is going to start drawing for a hobby. He told me he wants to be able to tell people he has hobbies, so now his long list includes drawing, making clay animals, stop-motion, and coding.

One of our neighbors is moving and cleaning out their garage. We went dumpster diving (well, trashcan diving) and found all sorts of goodies; 4 golf umbrellas in perfect shape, a few golf clubs and many balls, quite a few arrows (but no bow), and this skateboard! The boys have been wanting a skateboard for quite some time, so we were really excited about this find.

Imp's friend Connor was coming over and Imp was excited to show him the skateboard. Imp asked me where he should say he got it, and I told him just be honest and tell him we found it in the trash. Imp said that would be embarrassing and I told him that we were just recycling which was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Funny enough, we went walking later that day and noticed one of our wealthy neighbors (and friend) digging around in the trash too! He didn't find any goodies he wanted to bring home, but he helped us search to make sure we didn't miss anything good.

It has been cooler and a little gloomy, but nice walking-in-the-park weather.

Yesterday we spent a few hours at our favorite park and after our two-mile walk Duke decided to finish up some grammar homework. This kid is dedicated! I can't believe he is going to be highschool age next year.

Meanwhile Imp (who is only in 6th grade and doesn't have as much work) played with a 4-year-old boy and impressed this young child with his death-defying climbing skills. I remember when Duke was a baby and I watched kids doing crazy stuff like this and I was so judgmental and said I would NEVER allow my boys to take any physical risks.

Yeah, that really worked out. Now I am the bad mom being judged by the moms with babies at the park!

My third child Piper is enjoying the cool weather and his daily walks, and making sure to get adequate sleep.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Love the little wrens story, too cute! Another great week in your household it seems! Glad all is well with you guys.


    1. I love wrens, they are so cute! They slept across from each other for two nights (a lover's argument?) but they are back, cuddled together every evening. I hope you and your family are doing great!


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