Tuesday, September 11

Never Forget Reflections

As a child and young adult September was my favorite month. It was the start of fall and cooler temperatures and the excitement of new classes and friends. It was my birth month and the beginning of the countdown to my favorite holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But on September 11, 2001 everything changed. And I changed.

Today is a day to reflect not only on the tragedy and loss of loved ones that occurred that day, but also on the heroic men and women that risked everything to save lives, regardless of the cost.

This month also happens to be the peak of hurricane season and everyone living by the coast is on my mind.

I have lived most of my life about an hour-and-half drive from Galveston Island's beach. As a child hurricane season meant potential days off of school, candles and camping out in the house, the excitement of the howling winds and rain.

As an adult, hurricane season means going to the grocery store to stock up on food and water. Pulling out the generator, making sure it works and filling up all of the extra gas containers. Getting together all of the flashlights and making sure you have plenty of batteries. Regretting that you have so many big trees around your house and wishing you had gotten them trimmed recently.

I sometimes think about those times when I was an child and September brought new friends, new adventures, cooler weather, and birthday gifts.  9/11 hadn't happened and my parents worried about preparing for hurricanes while my sisters and I dreamed that the rain would be heavy enough to flood our creek so we could miss a few days of school.

I am so thankful my parents were there to protect and cherish me so I could grow up into an adult who protects and cherishes my family. And I am so thankful for all of the extraordinary people out there, making this world a better place.

I hope everyone is safe on this day of remembrance.


  1. What a lovely thoughtful peice of writing. I was on theother side of the word when 9/11 happened, as I live in Australia. It impacted everyone, near and far and will never be forgotten. I'm also fortunate to live in an area where we don't get hurricanes, but the occasional high wind which may push a tree over into the road or cause power line outages, but I can empathise with the thoughts of wanting to cherish and protect your loved ones. Stay safe this September, and keep on writing your fascinating blogs about life.

  2. Beautiful thoughts on the anniversary of such a tragic day. If only we could go back to that time in childhood when everything was an adventure and we were safe and protected by parents...well those of us fortunate enough to have loving parents who protected us. Too many kids don't.
    It didn't matter where we were in the world on that horrific day--we were all affected and forever changed by it. If only the world leaders would stop posturing and work for a path to peace, we could all breath much easier.
    As far as storms go, we generally aren't too affected by hurricanes where I live, we generally just get the outer effects of the rain. We do however get tornadoes which are just as scary but in a different way. I've lived through an F4 tornado and was lucky enough to be just on the very edge of it but saw and heard the devastation of those caught in the middle. So many things in life that are scary and difficult to deal with but also beauty and hope as well. Prayers for peace and stable weather as we enter into the winter season.


    1. Lisa, tornadoes are very scary too, especially since they suddenly pop up. We were on a walk several years ago and a fierce storm hit. We couldn't get home because of the lightening so we sheltered in a neighbors open carport. We tried to get in their house but they couldn't hear us banging on their door. The winds were so fierce and we all laid down on the ground and held on to each other. After the winds died down we found out that a tornado has passed right over us. It knocked down a giant tree on one side and a huge fence on the other. It must have popped right over us thank goodness. So I fear them as much as hurricanes.

    2. Yeah, it is definitely something that any person who has ever been through one, will never forget! Glad to hear that you managed to stay safe. Scary time for sure.


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