Sunday, August 26

{Summer Photo Bliss} Galveston Island Adventures!

I wanted to post some snapshots of our trip to the beach last Monday. We drove down to Galveston Island just for the day and we had a blast! My nephew D was there too so I had three crazy boys to entertain me.

Rita: OK kids, let me get a shot of you before you go into the water! Hey, Duke! Imp and D aren't going to bite, squeeze in some.

Rita: Thanks kids.

Rita: OK, we need our traditional running into the water photo. Ready, set, go!

Duke: Hey, I wasn't ready! Not fair!

Duke: I am going to catch up with you shrimpy-shrimps.

Duke: (Shoves both kids to the side.) See, I told you!

Duke: Such little kids, always playing in the dirt. Teenagers are above that juvenile behavior.

Duke: You know D, you shouldn't be using the shovel that way. Turn it 180 degrees and then you can dig faster. And make sure you don't throw the dirt near the hole! Imp, you should get more water so you can make the sand more pliable when you build your castle.

Imp and D: Crickets.

Rita, hysterically screaming: Guys, look up at the sky, there is a helicopter and a rainbow!

Rita, hysterically screaming a second time: Guys, there is a double rainbow now!

Rita: Oh boy, this isn't going to go well.

Rita: OK, thank goodness, he made it.

Rita: No Duke, don't jump over D, you are going to hurt him!

Rita: Thank goodness, no broken necks. Hey, where is Duke?

Rita: OH NO!

Rita: This kid needs to join the Rockettes! Those legs... OK, hopefully he is finished jumping over the kids now.

Rita: Wait a second. Who does he think he is, Evil Knievel?

 Rita: Yep, he does.

Rita: I can relax, he is taking a break from potentially breaking the littles' necks.

 Rita: Much better!

D: You know, I am an expert on sand submersion. You need a thicker application all over your body, preferably getting some in your mouth and eyes.

D: See, Imp has the proper application technique.

D: The closer to your mouth and eyes, the better.

Duke: Yeah, whatever. I am going to throw some sand all over you and make sure it gets in your eyes if you don't get out of my way.

Imp: I need a bit more sand on my body. D, what do you think?

D: Looks pretty good! I am too clean, it all washed off in the waves.

Duke: No problem kids, just run fast and some of the sand will stay on!

Rita: Hey kids, look up at me with adoration and say something witty so I can laugh prettily. I told Dad I need more photos of me with you guys. And not those screaming photos, some nice photos so I look like a good mom. Do I look thin if I turn my body to the side this way? Wait, this foot placement issue always causes me some stress.

Rita: I am going to point over there and scream "shark!" so I can scare Dad!

Paul: Did Rita just scream "shark"? I told you I wasn't going in that water.

Rita: I love taking photos with my sweetie. Wait, is that sand all over my chin?

Paul: Rita said she wants me to take more photos of her with the kids. And then she always complains that she looks too fat or has a stupid look on her face. Well, I hope she is happy now!

Rita: Yeah, I am not going in the pool.

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

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