Friday, August 03, 2018

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Those Hot Summer Days and Sloppy Kisses

On Fridays I like to post recent snapshots of our life that make me happy.

Free tickets to the Astros game! We lost to the Rangers, but it was still so much fun. Duke is a huge baseball fan.

Of course we did some hiking in the woods. Hiking and coffee are my two addictions.

And Imp played at the park. I noticed that Duke is now too "mature" to join Imp on the playset. Or perhaps the almost 100F temperature doesn't really motivate Duke to go run around with his brother.

I love our beautiful summer skies. That little plane is really enjoying the view up there.

I spent some time taking photos of  weeds on our walks.

I like weeds, especially when they are not in my yard.

Scooters and concrete hills are always a great match.

I also like to take photos of our feet.

And piles of half-eaten muscadines. We made muscadine wine one year and it was pretty good but it is labor-intensive and I am not a huge fan of incredibly sweet fruit wine.

Gotta exercise these boys, no matter how hot.

The kids had a guitar lesson in our new cool coffee shop in town.  I had a coffee. YUM!

And we have had lots of tasty snacks at home, like apples and cinnamon. The boys usually also add almond or coconut butter. Imp always has to make his snacks artistically pleasing.

We replaced our broken recliner couch with a new one in our tiny den. I usually put comfort over tastefulness. We also broke down and got VidAngel so we could watch more movies with our boys without stressing out about certain scenes/language.

We finally were able to watch "Top Gun" together. Unfortunately I had decided not to edit out the motorcycle kiss between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. What in the world was going on there? I had forgotten how incredibly painful that visual was to my eyes. They were sloppily licking on each other like they were drunk and had spilled honey all over their faces, nothing like any real kiss I have ever seen in my life.

I told the boys to not take notes on that kiss. I would eventually like grandkids. ;-)

All of the walking and heat really wears us down. I found the boys snuggled together the other morning. I found out that Imp promised to make Duke's bed so that Imp could have the honor of sleeping with his brother. They are so cute!

Have a great weekend!

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