Saturday, June 16

CoffeeShop {Friday Photo Bliss} What's Up!

On Fridays (or Saturday mornings) I like to post some of my favorite recent snapshots of my family. Note: In most of these I am without makeup and it is almost 100 degrees, so not my best look. You are been warned!

It has been hot but we still have managed to get out of the house some without being overcome with heat stroke. We haven't been flying much since Paul is working with his instructor to get his Instrument Rating. But I haven't missed it that much since our plane, the Gooney, doesn't have air-conditioning.When you are sitting on the tarmac you feel like you are in a oven! Paul hopes to be finished with his IFR rating by early fall. Then we will be able to take longer trips without worrying about being stuck somewhere because there are some low clouds. I love Fall/Winter/Spring flying!

We went to the Spring Creek Heritage Festival to see a Civil War reenactment. This is a photo of my nephew D (9), Imp (11), and Duke (13). Duke looks like a giraffe.

We wanted to sit in the shade and thought we found the perfect spot until we realized we were right next to the canons! Luckily we had safety earbuds, but it was still so incredibly loud. And exciting!

And some of the canon shots left perfect smoke rings!

I have been walking the kids around the neighborhood daily. Oh, and Piper the dog goes with us too. After one loop (almost a mile) Piper is completely worn out thanks to the heat. So are the humans in our family...

I asked Imp to take a photo of Duke and me. My dear son is 13 and now 5'9" (2 inches taller than me, he is in front of me in this photo and looks much taller). Seriously, he seems to be growing faster than the Bahia grass in our ditch by the mailbox.

Thank goodness Imp is still shorter than me. I am not ready to be the shortest in my family. Well, the dog and five rats are shorter, but they don't really count in the Height Wars.

We did some drone flying at the park.

Found some cool caterpillars at my mom's.

Listened to a John Denver tribute at Bernhardt Winery.

Got to sit with my sweetie. We just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. Paul is the best!!!

Kids had a blast and made some new friends.

And my mom managed to spill her entire glass of white wine on her lap!

We went swimming at our friend's neighborhood pool.

And Duke was at a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meeting when the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC)  requested CAP assistance to locate and silence an active 406 MHz ELT located in the vicinity of Hook's Airport. These are usually installed in airplanes, so when an airplane goes down/crashes it can be located.

But thankfully in this case they found it in life raft stored in a hanger.

And guess who has been having fun playing with the old iPhone 4 he just inherited from his brother? He can't go on the internet on it, but he can use the camera and he has been texting me some really really weird photos...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Man it feels like I haven't been here in forever and I definitely have some posts to catch up on but for now I can just read this one.

    Looks like it has been a busy week. Congrats on your 26th anniversary. My hubby and I celebrated our 29th at the end of April. I think my guy is the best too! :)

    Okay weird that an emergency location transmitter can take down a plane! Do they put in small writing not to operation near aircraft?!

    Oh and cute pic from Imp! The expression on his face is priceless.

    Have a great week ahead!


    1. Lisa, almost 30 years, congrats! I think we probably picked out the best two guys. Hee hee! And those emergency location transmitters don't take down planes, they are installed in planes so if they go down/crash the plane can be found. This one was just wrapped up in a life boat and randomly decided to go off. And Imp is crazy but always keeps me laughing. Have a wonderful week!!!


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