Monday, May 21

CoffeeShop "Hinterland" Fine Art Texture/Paper Set!

I am almost finished with my underwater portrait Photoshop action and I plan on posting it early this week. I was going to finish it yesterday afternoon but we had a giant thunderstorm roll in and lost power until midnight. So typical for our area, no rain for six weeks then we get several inches within a few hours. But at least I don't have to drag my sprinklers (we don't have automatic ones) all over our lawn for the next few days. :-)

Today I wanted to share my newest fine art texture/overlay/paper set called "Hinterland".

This set contains four high-resolution textures which can be layered on top of images using blending modes such as Soft Light, Overlay, Multiply, Screen, etc. You can also use these as digital papers on cards, storyboards, labels, memes, etc.

All of my textures and papers come with free commercial terms-of-use, so use them wherever, however you want, just don't sell them "as-is". I want to keep them free!

I love the detail and color of these textures. This one makes me swoon. 

Original images used in this post: (succulent, bird, roses).

I would love to see your own edits using these textures, so please post them on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop "Hinterland" Fine Art Texture set.

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