Saturday, April 21

{Friday Photo Bliss} Busy, Busy Week!

On Fridays (or Saturdays in this case!) I like to post snapshots from the week that make me happy.

The weather was gorgeous this week, cool and mostly sunny. We went for a hike at a neighboring park to look for berries.

We found a handful.

Then we went for a bike ride to our Greenbelt to pick blackberries. We found buckets-worth.

I do want to say that we must really love berries to risk the poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, and fire ants that love to hang out around blackberry vines. 

Texas is WILD and DANGEROUS.

The flying weather was perfect too, so Paul flew us to College Station so we could visit  Messina Hof.

The sky was so clear! I love the view from my first-class seat aboard the "Gooney Bird". When you only have four seats in your 1970's plane, every seat is a first-class window seat.  

Coulter Field and my three guys. And the Gooney Bird of course!!! 

We usually walk but today we decided to take the courtesy car to the winery. Paul can't drink and fly and I am doing a Whole30 (with dairy, but no alcohol allowed), so we shared two giant meat and cheese trays with the boys and had our ice water in wine glasses.

Because we are so fancy of course.

Hee hee!

Back to the woods for hiking. Summers are hot and humid, so when the weather is cool we go hiking as much as possible.

We love Kleb Woods and affectionately call it the "Snake Park" since we once counted seven snakes during a short hike. However, now it has been renamed the "Snake and Mosquito Park" thanks to the wet spring we are having.

During our entire walk (well, actually a quick frantic run) we were followed by a swarm of mosquitos eager to feast on our tasty blood.

Otherwise the walk was quite nice, and no snakes noted. However, we were moving so quickly we probably just didn't see them slithering around.

We also had to visit Spring Creek Park. These boys need sun and exercise. I need sun and exercise. And some coffee to keep up with these boys.

We haven't been the only ones visiting the creek there. 

I visited the lady's room before we left. I usually don't take bathroom photos for obvious reasons.

But that lady is a DOG!

We did have some time to read between our outdoor excursions.

But then we were back to blackberry picking. You can't eat too much blackberries and whipped cream during the spring in Texas.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I don't think I've ever actually eaten a blackberry before unless maybe it was part of some berry mix. Those berries of yours must taste particularly good knowing you've risked deadly bites to get them. ;)

    Glad you guys had a great time.


    1. We eat a lot of blackberries during this time of year, they are everywhere. Most of the ones we found this year aren't very sweet, but they are still yummy since we scavenged them ourselves. They are organic and cost nothing other than some blood, sweat and tears; you can't beat that, right? Hee hee!!!


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