Monday, April 16, 2018

CoffeeShop "Rothenburg" Fine Art Texture Set!

I can't believe it is Monday! Where did the weekend go? I was supposed to finish painting my master bath but it was so gorgeous outside I didn't get it finished. Unfortunately I used the excuse that it was too rainy last weekend to paint. I think Paul is on to me...

Moving on, I wanted to post a new set of  Fine Art Textures I named " Rothenburg" from one of my favorite German cities. This texture is rough and gritty and reminds me of all of the beautiful stonework around Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

This texture/overlay set can be used at Overlay, Soft Light, Screen, and/or Mulitply blending modes over any image. You can also use them as digital papers and overlays in cards, storyboards, or other designs. And don't forget to check out all of my other textures/overlays/digital papers! All of mine come with free commercial terms-of-use.

This is a digital paper I made in a tutorial I posted over at the (affiliate code) Graphics Fairy Premium Site. I am an instructor over there and I love Graphics Fairy!!! If you are a member over there you can go read my tutorial that was posted today and grab the high-resolution version of this kitchen paper. There are so many incredible design elements and tutorials over there you will be happily lost for hours. And everything there comes with incredibly generous terms-of-use. 

I wanted to show you how you can use my textures to make digital papers look distressed and vintage.

In this example I added the gray Rothenburg texture from this post, inverted it (click to select it and press Cmd or Control-I), and put it in Screen blending mode at 80%. You can do this on any piece of digital paper to create special effects.

Original images used in my post: (rose, man, vase).

Download the CoffeeShop "Rothenburg" Fine Art Textures!

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.

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  1. Beautiful textures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. As a fairly new computer digital collage artist, I've downloaded many of your beautiful images. You do such gorgeous work and are so generous. I thought it was time to finally say Thank You! :)

    1. Thank you so much Barb!!! I have the best readers.

  3. Another awesome set of textures. Thanks so much Rita!


    1. You are so welcome Lisa, I really appreciate it! I love making these textures.

  4. Thank you for sharing your talent! You are so generous and wonderful to share so much for free, greatly appreciated!!

    1. You are so welcome Tammy! I love creating these design elements.

  5. And explainging how you do things is so over the top kind also!!!!!


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