Friday, March 30

Happy Easter!

I took this photo back on Easter 2006 when Duke was a baby. These were the days when I could follow my boys around with the camera and they could care less. Now they see it and run... Not to mention that Duke is now almost 5'9'' at 13... Times do change!

That is Paul's tricycle from his childhood. His mother purchased it for him used back in the 60's and we found it stashed away in the empty chicken pen when we moved into Paul's childhood home. Both my boys rode this trike and I still have it. I have a fondness for old stuff. Insert Paul's joke here where he says the same and looks over at me. Hee hee!!!

The kitty in the photo is Amber. I adopted her my first year in college and she lived to be almost 20 (another old thing I loved) and was my constant companion.  She was about 18 in that photo. She loved Duke so much and followed him everywhere. But sometimes she got on his last nerve, thus this captured moment of him shoving her away with his foot. I miss Amber...

I wanted to wish everyone a Wonderful Easter weekend! One of my sisters is in town (Heather) and my boys can't wait to play with their cousins. They will be here any minute and there is such anticipation in the air right now.

I promised the kids a scavenger hunt for Easter, a first for me. I usually frantically throw some chocolate in some plastic eggs on Sunday afternoon and throw them all around the yard. I will never win any mom awards for holiday planning, decorating, or executing...

But this year I wanted to do something special since the kids are older. The hunt will be in our house and yard and the clues will be left in plastic eggs. The clues will lead to their Easter basket which is already filled with goodies today since I planned ahead for once in my life.

Guess I better get those clues written ASAP. ;-)

I will be back early next week with my newest action!!! Happy Easter!

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  1. Sweet photo. Beautiful cat. She lived to such an incredible age. One of our cats we lost at age 10, another at 12, our third at 2 (he was just too sick with Herpes). The fourth lasted until a month before her 13th birthday and our final and last furbaby has made it the longest but unfortunately we need to put her down in the next week or so as she is suffering. She is just shy of her 16th birthday. Sad week for us here but it was sweet seeing your own beloved furbaby from long ago.

    Hope you had a nice Easter weekend with your sister and the kids and I hope the hunt went well.


    1. I loved Amber so much, she was my last cat. Now we have Piper and he hates cats, so I have to wait. Crazy dog. I always thought I was more a cat person but the dog has been fun and great for the boys. I guess I just love all animals!

      Poor Amber had issues high blood sugar for about a year and I had to test her blood and give her insulin shots twice a day until she got better. True love, right? It sounds like you are a cat lover also, I am so sorry to hear about your sweet sick baby.

      We had a great Easter, I hope you guys did too!


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