Wednesday, March 21

CoffeeShop "Easter Bunny 2" Digital Paper and PS Pattern Pack!

I can't believe it is almost Easter! I need to get my easter designs posted here before it is too late. I also need to go buy some things to stuff in my plastic Easter eggs for the boys. They still love a good Easter egg hunt.

Today I have a pack of six 12x12 inch Easter Bunny & Spring-themed papers. I used this adorable bunny clipart  and this simple flower to make them. I also included all of the Photoshop/PSE patterns in the download, so you can create you own custom designs using them. These papers and patterns come with free commercial terms-of-use, so use them anyway you want, just don't resell them "as is".

Download the CoffeeShop "Easter Bunny 2" Digital Paper & Pattern Pack.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these cute papers.

  2. Thank you Rita for this adorable set. Just to be clear though, I want to find out if we're allowed to use the patterns themselves, add a background of our choice, and sell the new paper in a set of our own? Or, would we have to do something more unique, like use the pattern and then paper piece something such as a silhouette or something else of that nature, then use said silhouette to create a repeating pattern. I just want to make sure. I would never want to take advantage of your generosity. I mean it isn't like I make much money at this at all (I think I've made $40 in the past 18 months or so) but I want to make sure that I never do anything against your terms of use. I'd appreciate your clarification in regards to the new patterns that you've started creating. Thanks.


    1. Lisa, you can use this pattern in any way you want and sell it! You don't have to change or update it at all. You can add a simple color background if you want or anything complex. But I have zero restrictions on the use of these patterns. I want you to make money using them!!! I started this blog so I could create my own designs with basically unlimited free terms of use so my readers wouldn't have to sweat it. ;-)

      I just ask that you don't sell the .psd pattern itself (as is) so it stays free here on my blog.

    2. Lisa, I also wanted to add that I always try to link any clipart used in my designs that are not my own. I always select royalty-free "use any way you want, even commercially" designs, but I also add the links directly to them to my posts so that other designers can check them out for themselves. I am just like you, I never want to step on anyone's toes!

      So please have fun using all of my stuff and don't worry, you are covered!!!

    3. That is awesome Rita. I really appreciate your clarification. Ultimately, if I had the time I'd like to be able to do most things from scratch but then there are times when an existing pattern or template is really helpful for creating something quick. I always also appreciate the fact that you link to the items you've used so that if I do have time, I can build something myself with the same elements. Of course, I'd never sell the existing original temp/pat/atn and I always give credit. Thanks again for allowing such generous terms!



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