Friday, February 2

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post snapshots from the week that make me happy. :-)

We are finally over the "Flu From Hades" so this week we are busy playing catch-up with school. Between teaching, organizing this blog, and trying to straighten up the house; I didn't have much time to take any photos. We went on some really nice walks, but I didn't bring my phone because I was wearing my pocket-free exercise pants. 

On Tuesday we went to a Civil Air Patrol Cadet banquet. It was the first one for Duke's squadron, and it was enjoyable. They had fajitas (always a CoffeeShop Clan favorite),  I got to wear a skirt (I have been living in exercise pants/jeans lately), and Duke was picked to perform Color Guard! He was so excited to get to hold the rifle and he did a great job.

Duke had writing class this morning so Imp and I were along in the house. I gave him his schoolwork and tried to get some of my own projects done. Every once in a while I would check on him to make sure he was not messing around. But he is a great student and worked steadily until he was finished.

I love how Piper is hanging out with him, this dog is a sweetheart. However, I had just vacuumed that carpet and that almost 80-pound pup sheds like no one's business. I find hairs everywhere and I am cleaning them up all of the time! My next dog is going to be a small, non-shedding one that brings me my slippers. But until then I will just keep on vacuuming...

I have some really nice freebies/tutorials coming out next week. I have had a creative streak. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

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