Wednesday, February 7

CoffeeShop "Sweet Cupid Tinted B&W" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

Today I have a brand new action, inspired by Valentine's Day. I already posted the color version of this action, "Sweet Cupid", but I wanted to also create a pink-tinted B&W action.

This action is completely adjustable, so don't hesitate to play around with the layers. The pink-tint can be subtle to very dramatic, and the contrast is customizable.

You can even add some color back into the image by painting on the B&W Conversion layer's mask. I add the skin color back to the lovely dark-headed woman in the example above.

I have hundreds and hundreds of actions I wrote for this blog, you can see before/after photos of them all and download them here. You can also grab them in my convenient download pack which also includes many premium professional actions you can't find anywhere else! If you purchase any of my packs you can get free updates up to 2 years after purchase. I try to update the packs with new professional photographer/designer products weekly.

Images used in this post: (sea waves, woman in meadow, bride, dog, swan).

Download the CoffeeShop "Sweet Cupid Tinted B&W" Photoshop/PSE action.

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  1. Striking effect. Thanks Rita. Love the pics of the waves and the swan. With the action, they almost look ethereal.


    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I agree, they are so soft and pretty. I want to print out a few for my bathroom.


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