Monday, February 26

CoffeeShop "Stripes" Custom Digital Paper and Photoshop/PSE Pattern Set!

I am working on a new editing tutorial to share this week, but I really wanted to get this striped paper pattern and psd file out to you today. I had mentioned I would share this pattern in this digital paper post where I used it for the striped papers in the set.

The download link below includes the striped Black&White&Gray pattern you see above as well as a layered Photoshop/PSE psd digital paper file where you can simply click to change the colors to make your own custom-colored papers.

I have two different tutorials below, depending on whether you want to use the pre-made paper file or the Photoshop pattern.

CoffeeShop "Stripes" Digital Paper Tutorial:

I love using DesignSeeds to pick out colors for my designs. I found this gorgeous {Succulent Hues} image from @ROTBLAUGELB there and had to make a striped paper using its colors!

Note: You can use any image opened in Photoshop to grab colors with the eyedropper tool. You can also just pick any color off the Color Fill adjustment pane. 

Open up the CoffeeShop "Stripes" digital paper in Photoshop or PSE.

This is the color the paper comes in originally. I picked out these colors here.

To change each strip color, simply double-click on each Solid Color layer box and click on an image to grab a new color. You can then save each custom paper as a jpg or png file.

CoffeeShop "Stripes" Photoshop/PSE Pattern Tutorial:

You can also use the Photoshop pattern in the download to create you own custom-colored striped papers any size/color you wish. Before making the paper be sure to load the Photoshop "Stripes" pattern in the download!

I usually start with a 10x10 inch or 12x12 inch new document, 240 pixels/inch, with a transparent background.

Then click on "Pattern" in the drop-down menubar in Layers.

The CoffeeShop "Stripes" pattern will be on the bottom of all of the patterns since you just added it. Set the scale to taste. In this case I made it 300% so you could see all of the stripes on your screen.

Right-click on the pattern layer and rasterize it.

This pattern has a transparent background and three different types of stripes in black and grays. You can select each color individually using the Magic Wand (W) and then add a Color Fill adjustment layer. It will add the color only to the selected portions highlighted using the layer mask.

Select any color you want for each set of stripes.

NOTE: If you are having issues selecting a set of stripes, make sure you have clicked to select the original pattern layer or have "Sample all layers" selected in the Magic Wand.

I selected the light gray stripes with the magic wand, added a Color Fill layer, and made them blue.

Then I selected the black stripes and did the same as above, but made them pink.

I selected the darker gray tiny stripes and made them a different blue.

Finally, I added a Color Fill light pink adjustment layer and dragged it to the bottom layer. This is the "background" color.

Go ahead and delete the Pattern layer, you don't need it anymore. You can save this paper as a png or jpg and use it on any of your designs. Or you can save it as a Photoshop psd file in layers so you can go back and edit the colors later.

I hope you have fun using this set!

Download the CoffeeShop "Stripes" Digital Paper and Pattern Pack!

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  1. Thanks Rita for this awesome stripes template. I really appreciate that you included a copy of the psd file. I tried to use the pattern itself but I only have Elements and can't rasterize off the bat. I also tried to select the thick grey stripe for example (the first one that you show us in robin's egg blue) and use the magic wand. I did as you suggested and clicked sample all layers but it only did the one stripe. I actually have to click and hold the shift key and then use the magic wand to grab the specific stripes I want before adding the colour adjustment. So while I can make it work with the PAT file, it is rather time consuming so the PSD is perfect--just click on the colour adj. for each layer, change it and poof--done!

    Now I don't want to appear greedy here, but if you take requests, I'd LOVE to see more of these temps--for different kinds of stripes, dots, chevrons, diagonals, etc. They are great for when you need a basic shape design done quickly. I just thought I'd put the thought out there. :)

    Thanks again!


    1. Oh, I needed to mention that you have to check something to grab colors not touching. I will add that. And I will post more patterns, what a great idea! Check back!!!

  2. Thank you for the patterned paper - can't wait to use it : )


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