Friday, December 29

CoffeeShop "Cracked Stone" Fine Art Texture/Overlay!

Today I have a brand new fine art texture/overlay. This one looks gorgeous on so many types of images. I like to use it in Soft Light, Overlay, Multiple, or a combo of those blending modes. You can also combine the texture with an action and additional overlay as I have done in the example below.

Original images used in this post: (Bird, Roses, Couple, Ballet).

CoffeeShop "Cracked Stone" Texture/Overlay Tutorial:

I ran one of my favorite actions on this image, Vintage Blue Luxe, and adjusted the settings to taste.

Then I added the stone texture in Multiply blending mode (100%) under the "Soften the Blue" layer and painted the texture off the ballerina with a soft black brush on the layer mask.

As a final step I added one of my "Sublime Sun" overlays on top in Screen blending mode. I think this completely changed the mood of the image and I love it!

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Download the CoffeeShop "Cracked Stone" Fine Art Texture/Overlay.

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  1. I'm going backwards just doing a bit of catch up here. I just love your textures. Thanks so much for another great one!


    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I love this texture, it works so well on so many images.


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