Friday, November 3

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Pumpkins, Walks, and Promotion!

This last two weeks have been really busy. 

The boys carved pumpkins.

These pumpkins were huge and the little knife included in the carving pack was too tiny so they had to use a long kitchen knife.

I thought about the idea of writing a book called "If You Give An Older Brother a Knife", similar to the series "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" except scarier and bloodier. 

Thank goodness no fingers or toes were cut off in the making of these carved pumpkin heads.

Imp's pumpkin, carved by Duke.

 Duke's pumpkin, carved by Duke.

The weather is cooling down some and we enjoyed a day at one of our favorite parks.

The boys built a huge box fort for Nerf wars. Every time it rains they have to drag it into the garage and put it on top of my car (lack of space). Paul curses at them under his breath every night he has to look at a huge pile of taped boxes in his garage blocking his workbench.

Finally, with a lot of hard work Duke has been promoted to Staff Sergeant in the Civil Air  Patrol Cadet Program! We are so proud of him. If you have kids between 12-18 you should check CAP out, it is an amazing organization. And your kids don't have to sell cookies!!! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. First off, congrats to Duke on his promotion to Staff Sargeant. Did Duke carve the second pumpkin by hand or did he use a template of some sort? It turned out fabulous!

    Enjoy your weekend ahead!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! And he did use a template. He did a great job!

    2. Thanks for letting me know. I was rather curious. *Ü*


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